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17 October 2014

Choosing a TV for a Child’s Bedroom

As the winter evenings draw in and you would prefer your children to be in the house, warm and safe (but not compromising your television viewing!) you may want to consider a television for their own room. As Christmas approaches a television would make a great gift. There is plenty of choice in the television market at the moment so to help you choose the ideal screen for your child’s room we have come up with the following pearls of wisdom. 

Picture Quality
Even the clearance televisions at websites such as Hispek all have LED screens. Television picture quality is invariably very high amongst new models at the moment. LED TVs have superb picture quality depending on the resolution and processing rate. High Definition resolution provides incredibly clear pictures but to go that extra mile there is now 4K technology but this may be a bit much for a screen in a bedroom. Another option is plasma, which get great reviews from those in the know despite some claims that they get ‘burn-in’. Samsung are stopping producing plasma screens at the end of 2014 which will make them cheaper despite having picture quality on a par with LED screens.

Smart TV
Smart TVs really are the future of television. With so many platforms to watch online, such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer as well as social media websites and YouTube, your child may only be happy with this option and it also gives you another option of contacting them while they are in their room. Smart TVs also make games available to play on the screen for extra entertainment options and because there’s a great deal of on-demand options you can potentially have more control over what your child watches. All that been said, if you have the connectivity capability (an HDMI cable is the best solution in most cases) you will be able to link a laptop up with the screen anyway so a Smart TV isn’t entirely necessary.

The Right Size
A lot of TVs are easily mounted to the wall these days which is great news for those wanting to install one in a small space like a bedroom. It is, however, important to bear in mind how far away from the telly the viewer will sit to work out what size screen you need. There’s no point in getting a 42” screen if the person can only sit on a bed a few feet away.

For an extra special sound experience Sound Bars are available for smaller rooms to replicate the cinematic experience. A lot of Sound Bars can be wall-mounted to save room and providing the viewer with pronounced bass and superior sound quality. With an added sound system it also gives your child an extra option for listening to music. 

If this isn't your child’s first piece of technology you might have to think about how the new TV will link with other devices such as portable music players, laptops or tablets.

Do your children have a TV in their rooms?

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  1. my 8 year old has had one for quite a while, my husband thought it would be a great idea to put one in our toddlers room and its caused nothing but trouble


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