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17 October 2014

Tips on Achieving the Best Pet Photography

Like any family member you want to capture the magic moments you have with your pets and get images that best represent their personality. Unlike humans it is difficult to direct animals in order to get the perfect poses from them. You will want to get pictures you can frame and interesting ones which best put across the uniqueness of your furry, feathered or scaly friend. Here are a few tips on how to get the best photographs of your pet.

Get on their level
Everyone is used to seeing pets from above. To gets a more natural depiction of your cat or dog, lay on your belly and get down to their eye level – shoot them the way you would a human friend. This way the picture shares your pets outlook of the world.

Use a professional
There are many photography agencies that are happy to set up professional shoots with you and your pets or just your pets. Companies such as Venture Photography promise to bring out your pet’s personality and provide a relaxing environment to the animal so they don’t get too stressed by the bright lights and flashes.

Be patient
It could take a while to get the shot you want of your pet. Even a thoroughly well-trained animal may not be the most cooperative model. Set aside plenty of time to take a lot of snaps and delete the ones you are not happy with immediately.

Light naturally
To avoid frightening your beloved pet with flashes or fancy lighting rigs, where you can use natural lighting. This may be require extra planning but it will be worth it to get a more natural and relaxed pose from your little friend. It will also mean you won’t get flash-inducing red eye on your images. If you can’t go outside choose a room in the house with the biggest window.

Capture the action
You don’t necessarily have to set up a sedentary photoshoot for your pets. Some of the best shots will come out of take pics of them going out and playing. TV or Shutter priority (S) modes will be the best to help you control how you catch the action. Continuous shooting mode will allow you to get multiple shots of your pets.

Use rewards and bribes!
Build their enthusiasm for the shoot by offering toys and treats when they cooperate and behave well. Giving them a good meal beforehand will also allow them to relax.

Focus on the eyes
You will be able to get some nice expressive shots from your pets by focusing on the eyes. This is especially effective after eating or near to bedtime.

Attempt new angles and approaches throughout the shoot and have fun. The more fun you have the more likely you are to get some great results.

What photography tips do you have?

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  1. great tips! I find it impossible to get a picture of my dog as hes scared of the zoom noise on the camera

  2. My mum loves taking photos of our dogs, I should give her these tips :)
    Marissa Jamie : Faithfully, Marissa ♡


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