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31 October 2014

Embracing winter nights in

Given a choice, most people out there would probably wish it was summer all the time – or at least, warmer weather.

But now the clocks have gone back there’s nothing else for it, we have to really embrace those winter nights in en-famille; so why not make the most of them?

Winter is a great time to get cosy, eat some great warming foods and to look forward to Christmas. Making plans for Christmas as a family can be great fun, particularly if you can involve the children in the planning of the whole thing and the making of the food.

A family movie night tucked up under a blanket on the sofa and sharing a bucket of popcorn and some hot chocolate (or maybe  glass of wine for Mum and Dad) can also be a great way of spending a cold dark winter’s evening.

We all need to do these little things to make life bearable. For the sports fans amongst us, watching whatever sports we love that are on TV live can also be a boon. I’ve even heard of some families where the football-mad have two televisions in the room with the males (usually) watching the football through headphones and the females (more often than not) watching a movie without them. But hey; at least they're altogether holding hands and sharing the fun.

If you want to try and enjoy the beautiful game, then a little football betting
doesn’t go amiss. This can be a fun way of getting involved in a game in which you may otherwise have absolutely zero interest in (unless you’re lucky enough to be able to rig up the afore-mentioned two TV system that is!). The good thing about the football, and particularly the Premier League and Champions League, for the winter nights is that it carries those interested through the dark post-Christmas months of January and February, which are always said by the media to be the most depressing months of the entire year.

And it’s true that by February, most of us are beginning to tire of the winter evenings in. At first, they can be a bit of a novelty, but after a while, you’re really longing for something different and for the clocks to go forward.

One great way around all this if you can possibly afford it I to book some late winter sun which feels like early spring to us, at the February half term. Destinations like the Gambia and the Canary islands are the most affordable for families but you may get lucky and get decent weather in Cyprus at this time of year too.

Whatever you do this gives you all something to look forward to and by the time you come back spring is just around the corner and the whole world feels reborn.

But first, do all you can to enjoy those cosy winter nights; they can be the most wonderful family times ever, so indulge yourselves.

What do you enjoy doing during the winter nights?

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*Written by Lucy Wellings*


  1. I love Winter time and I love winter nights! We would have a movie night once a week with our son, eating lots of goodies! We also have games night too once a week either playing board games or a game on the PS3! I just love the coziness of the Winter nights! Bliss! :) xx

    1. Sounds lovely! We love game night too. We often get Cluedo, Monopoly etc out x


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