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01 November 2014

Tips for Achieving Better Photos

If you’ve recently gotten into photography and are enjoying your new hobby but want to take it a bit further, you’re probably wondering how you can brush up on your skills and improve your photos slightly.
We’ve come up with some tips for helping you to achieve better photos every time to hopefully help you on your way!

Know your camera and equipment
Understanding your camera further is imperative for getting the most out of it and achieving better snaps every time. The more you know about your camera and the more confident you are using it, the more creative you can be which will reflect in your photos. There’s a great article here for helping you understand your digital SLR, and there are plenty of other similar articles out there for different cameras.

Get clued up on techniques
Likewise, gaining a better understanding and insight of techniques as well as light is vital for taking better photos. This will link slightly with understanding your camera a little better as once you understand what your camera can do, you can put it into practise with new techniques regarding things like shutter speeds, exposures and filters.

Experiment with different cameras
As well as digital cameras, why not look into different kinds of cameras, such as manual film ones to see if these work any better for you and help you to achieve fabulous photos? Zippi's Photographer’s Cheat Sheet provides a great guide for getting started with a manual camera which is well worth checking out.

Understand light usage
Any competent photographer will tell you that lighting is everything when it comes to taking great photos, so learning how to use it is crucial. Brush up on your skills for using natural (hard light) and diffusers (clouds, objects that block the light source etc) and how this creates soft light. Working with artificial light can be really effective too, especially at night when it comes to things like city sky lines.

Practise as much as you can
It’s true that practise definitely makes perfect and this certainly applies when it comes to photography. It’s a good idea to always be armed with your camera so that if you come across a great photo opportunity, you’ll be prepared to capture it. Take as many photos as you can a day to perfect your technique and get the practise in.

Try capturing different subjects and settings
Taking photos of different subjects and in different locations is a great idea for working on your technique and also for identifying your areas of strengths and weaknesses as a photographer, and also so that you can identify what you enjoy most, too.

Enhance your snaps via editing tools
It’s no sign of lack of talent as a photographer to edit your photos afterwards; pretty much all photographers do it as it’s the perfect way to ensure your photos look as great as possible, and so that you can edit out any slight imperfections, too.

Have you got any photography tips to share?

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  1. I would love a new camera, mine is very basic and the pics are not great


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