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28 October 2014

Self Confidence and Embarrassing Parents

It seems as though the older the Mini Mes get the less cringe worthy things they say and the more embarrassing I become as a parent. Apparently. I've recently been told that I'm not allowed a kiss goodbye at school anymore because;

Instead I'm given a half hearted hug and left to wander home feeling a little unwanted. I now understand exactly how my own mum and dad must've felt all those years ago too and I realise how hard it is to raise tweens at times. 

As they get bigger I've also found that they turn to eachother for chats a lot more and so far this week I've overheard quite a few interesting (and rather amusing) conversations...

 'I'm making a card for Great Nan's birthday with real petals from my flowers but what should I do for a present?'
'Can you get her a man that jumps out of a box, girls like that don't they?'
'That would give her a heart attack, she is like 80 or something!'


'What have you got in your sandwich?'
'Tuna Mayo I think.'
'You always have that.'
'Tuna could actually be my sister though, I love it so much.'


'What are you doing?' *Minxy looks at Jamster laying across the dog while flapping his arms and legs up and down*
'Making a fur angel. Well, there isn't any snow yet is there.'


'Have you smelt mums feet?'
'Yea, I don't think she ever washes them!'
'Yea, I'm not surprised Nick falls asleep in the evenings, it's probably because of the smell.'

There was a final thing that tickled me. When going through Minxy's spellings with her I asked how she had done in her previous test. I flicked back to see the score in her book and she had 100%...

Nothing wrong with a little self confidence I guess!

What have your children done to make you laugh? 

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  1. Ha, bless. I used to hate my mum dropping me off at school especially when my friends had been left to get themselves there x

  2. Haha bless! If it helps, my daughter went back to being affectionate by about 15!

  3. I love the obviously! My boys stopped saying funny things and yes I too started to embarrass them!

  4. haha... all kids think that we will embarrass them and to be honest, we most likely do from time to time :-)

  5. hahahaha funny post!
    L (4) still gives me a hug and tells me he loves me before he's goes off into his classroom, but last week we watched spongebob before the school run and I walked him to school singing it and we got to school and he went to his best friend "my mummy is soooo embarassing singing, we need to make her voice disappear!"

  6. Mine make me laugh all the time. Obviously I NEVER embarrass them though!

  7. Hee hee - tweens and teens come out with the most random stuff. I agree with Sonya, they do go back to being affectionate mid-teens although I get squished now their hugs are so tight

  8. I LOVE the 'obviously' comment on her spelling test!


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