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27 October 2014

Ensure You're In Safe Hands: Keeping Healthy This Winter

It’s important, as the cold weather quickly draws in, that you take precautions to ensure you and your family stay healthy. As fuel bills rise and we try to resist switching the heating on, you should be looking at ways to stay healthy over the cooler months until spring rolls around again.

Winter is a time of year when we are more prone to getting sick and suffering with flu like symptoms. Children and older people are much more vulnerable to illness over this period, so make sure you take the first step to staying healthy by protecting yourself from their symptoms.

Something as simple as wearing disposable gloves can help stop you catching their illness, pick up a pack from your local chemist or you buy a bulk load from an online store, such as Brosch Direct.

It’s also a good idea to look into the free flu jab scheme, offered by the NHS, especially if you or any of your family is aged 65 or over, pregnant or have a long-term health condition. You should get your children vaccinated too, as they are more prone to developing further illness from flu, such as pneumonia and chest infections. Teach children to cover their mouths when they cough and sneeze and to try and use hand sanitizer or wash their hands when possible, to stop illness spreading.

The most important thing is to keep warm. If you are trying to save a little bit of money and not putting the heating on every time the temperature drops then make sure everyone is layered up with T-shirts, jumpers, thick trousers and fluffy socks in the evenings.

Invest in some blankets for when you’re all sitting watching TV on the sofa and keep warm together. Never underestimate the power of a cuddle, snuggling up with the kids can help keep you all nice and toasty in the evenings, without having to spend a penny on warming up the radiators.

What you eat and drink can help when it comes to staying healthy over the winter months, it’s advised that you drink milk and eat more dairy products, such as yoghurt and cheese (now you have an excuse), to help keep bones strong and help you to consume plenty of protein and Vitamins A and B12. Try and opt for low fat versions to make things a little healthier, without having an impact on your vitamin intake.

Try to ditch the tempting comfort food and eat as much fruit and veg as possible. It might sound good to tuck in a bumper pack of biscuits but substituting those sugary treats for a juicy orange or a handful of dried fruit will satisfy cravings just as well – we know it’s just not the same but statistics indicate that on average we put on two to four lbs over the winter months, so if you want to stay healthy ditch the sweets for healthier treats.  

Whilst it might be cold outside it is a good idea to go out and get some fresh air at the weekend. A brisk walk with the dog or a short trip to the park means you and the rest of the family are still getting some exercise, instead of hiding indoors. Be sure to wrap up warm with coats, scarves and hats and if it’s slippery or icy outside pull on some boots with gripped soles.

Finally, you might feel guilty about wanting to go to bed extra early, or sleeping in a little longer at the weekends, but the darker evenings and mornings mean our bodies go into hibernation mode and it’s natural to want more sleep. Don’t deny your body that extra rest time, it probably deserves it after a busy summer so let it catch up and recuperate!

By making some simple changes to your everyday routines throughout the winter months you and your family can stay healthy and happy until the warmer weather rolls round again.

How will you ensure you stay healthy this winter?

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  1. Thank you for the advice lovely!

  2. I am off for my flu and pneumonia jabs this week, my arm is not going to be impressed!

  3. Great tips for avoiding the snuffles. My husband has recently had his flu jab but I don't qualify.

  4. Seriously? Disposable gloves? No thanks, regular precautions will suffice ;-) This isn't the US Ebola panic...

  5. Super advice and you've reminded me I need to book my flu jab in! X

  6. you've reminded me about the flu jab too!


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