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09 October 2014

The Ultimate Guide To Trick-Or-Treat Etiquette

With everything from glow in the dark skeleton onesies to Frankenstein outfits available from companies like Morph costumes, it’s no wonder the streets are taken over by excited trick-or- treaters come Halloween. Wicked witches and cheeky little devils go from door to door looking for candy and while this is a well-known custom trick-or-treat etiquette is essential, so here are some essential rules. 

1. Respect people’s privacy 
While many people want to be involved with Halloween and buy sweet treats especially for Halloween visitors, others would prefer to be left alone and have many tactics to keep unwanted guests away. Those living alone, for instance, might be scared to hear a knock on their door at this time of year, so if the porch light is left off, assume they don’t want to be bothered. 

2. Don’t go back for seconds
 Let’s not beat around the bush, trick-or-treating is mostly about going round town collected a range of calorie-laden snacks. There are many theories as to how this tradition started but it’s thought to originate from the Dark Ages when beggars were allowed to ask for food in return for prayers. This is all well and good but as much as you love sickly chocolate bars and sugary delights, don’t ask for seconds or bang on someone’s door more than once. Take what you’re given and leave some for the rest of the adults/kids. 

3. Don’t be fussy
 If someone is kind enough to give you a treat, don’t insult them by demanding something different. Instead, pop the goodies into your sweet bag, say thank you and leave. If you don’t like your Halloween sweets there’s sure to be someone you can exchange with – after all, snacks are hardly in short supply on the evening of October 31st 

4. Stay safe
As trick-or-treating usually takes place after dark, it’s essential to stay safe at all times. It’s advisable for adults to carry spooky Halloween lanterns for light and to keep an eye on the kids throughout the evening. If someone invites you into their home, politely refuse unless accompanied by a grown up you can trust and never run far ahead without telling someone where you are going.

5. Don’t play dangerous tricks
Some tricks are fun and harmless like telling a bad joke, making people jump by wearing a funny costume or writing a scary message on the bathroom mirror. Others, such as pelting cars with eggs, setting off fireworks and other irresponsible actions can be extremely dangerous so don’t take risks. While it’s easy to be swept up in mob mentality or the hysteria of the evening, keep the night fun and light-hearted by looking after each other. . Halloween is the perfect time for some harmless fun but as zombie’s turn in their graves and vampires go in search of blood remember to take care of your friends and relatives (particularly children) and enjoy an evening of light-hearted entertainment.

Are you going Trick or Treating this Halloween? 
Do you have any tips to share?

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  1. good advice, we only really go to houses that are decorated so we don't bother people


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