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25 October 2014

Winter Warmers from Whittard

They say the way to a mans heart is through his stomach but that's pretty much the way to get to mine too! I love fine food and drink so I was thrilled to receive a hamper of delectable delights from Whittard last week to celebrate National Chocolate Week. Not only were they ideal for the occasion but with it being autumn, and with winter on the way, hot chocolates and marshmallows are great to enjoy in the evenings by the fire to warm you up.

Within minutes of unboxing I was in the kitchen heating milk and slipping a few goodies into my mouth. Packaged in gold the products are rather classy and the quality makes me want to go back for more. The Rocky Road flavour was definitely my favourite. Just two scoops of powder and you have heaven in a mug. Hints of cherry, raisin and toffee swirl within the milk chocolate and with a few mini marshmallows sprinkled on top it's a serious sweet and gooey treat.

The Mini Mes preferred the traditional drinking chocolate and the Mr liked the Strawberry White Chocolate which tastes just is like a heated milkshake. Delicious. There are so many flavours available and as they are currently 3 for 2 on the website I'm thinking about getting the orange and caramel to try next. I might even get a few as stocking fillers as they are very tasty and indulgent indeed. I found the powder mixed in well with no lumps or residue left at the bottom of my cup, unlike other brands I've tried in the past, so I would certainly opt for these.

I didn't even realise Whittard had a confectionery range until two boxes arrived for me in the hamper which I did share, grudgingly. I enjoyed the chocolate coated marshmallows most with their tiny caramel pieces on top whereas the Mr basically inhaled the almond topped pecan pralines.
There are 8 of each per packet and they are generously sized for a sweet tooth.

I highly recommend purchasing these ready for the colder weather and creating your own little hot chocolate station like I have. Nothing beats a warm drink and a movie while the rain or snow falls outside.

Have you tried the Whittard hot chocolate range yet?

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  1. this looks soo good. I have a lemon meringue flavour hot chocolate from whittards. It's yummy. I also didn't know they did chocolates x


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