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18 November 2014

5 Amazing Educational Apps for Kids

As most parents know quite well, kids and mobile devices seem to go together as naturally as toast and marmalade. Even small toddlers can grasp the concept of using their mum’s smartphone to play games. While our kids certainly enjoy all sorts of activities on these devices, we mums and dads hope that our kids are using apps that will help them learn. Fortunately, there are a variety of fun and engaging apps that also are educational. For example, consider the following:

The MiniSchool app is an engaging game for children ages 4 to 7. As NetMums notes, kids can learn maths by fishing with Peter the Pelican. They can count how many fish they manage to catch, and also learn their colours by putting bright stickers on pictures. In-app purchases will give children access to even more learning games. For instance, there is a game that teaches multiplication by having kids spin the wings of a character named Windy. Kids also can learn to rhyme with a game that teaches them 65 words that can be used in over 100 rhymes.
Kids Academy 123 Tracing
In order to become proficient at maths, kids have to have a solid knowledge of what the numbers look like and how they should write them, notes PC Advisor. The Kids Academy app, which costs £2.49, helps young preschoolers learn to write their numbers by tracing them on the screen. The numbers are really large, which makes it easier and less frustrating for young children. As kids successfully trace the numbers, they are congratulated and receive a group of virtual fireflies that can be freed of their jar once the exercise has been completed.
Number Monster
The Number Monster app, which is available for £1.99, helps kids learn to recognise their numbers. As kids start to grasp what the numerals from 1 to 20 look like, mum and dad can turn off the visual clues, which makes it a bit more challenging for the kids.
Wee Kids Math
Available for just £1.49, the Wee Kids Math app is a great app to help young children learn about numbers and basic maths skills. The app includes a lot of games that feature kid friendly graphics like bugs, animals and space. The app has a nice variety of games, so kids won’t get tired or bored with it. And, despite the fact that the app doesn’t include a lot of instructions, the games are fairly easy and intuitive.
Endless Alphabet
Endless Alphabet is a free app that features an appealing and large collection of words as well as friendly monsters who explain what they mean. Kids drag the letters to the words, which are in alphabetical order, and, once the word is filled, a colourful animation of the definition will appear on the screen. This game does not have a high score to beat, time limits or stressful situations. Instead, your child can play at his or her own pace while learning new words.
What is your favourite app?

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  1. Thank you for this. We're yet to enter the world of apps, but are planning to buy my daughter a tablet for Christmas, so I'll pin this and come back to it on Boxing Day!

  2. My son plays Monty's Quest - you have to answer the maths questions to get Monty up the hill to a piece of cheese.

  3. My daughter loves the toy story game were you have to collect the aliens :) xx

  4. Thank you! Our kids are having fun and learning new things . This looks like so much fun for them.

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