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01 November 2014

7 Great Fabric Paint Techniques

There are limitless opportunities to customise all sorts of items around your house using fabric paints. You can jazz up your curtains, create your own clothing designs, produce original table mats and a lot more besides. There are also a variety of different ways to apply the paint to produce great patterns or repeat your favourite motifs. Fabric paints are easy to get hold of with websites such as George Weil stocking a great variety of brands and accessories. Here are a few fun techniques to experiment with when using fabric paints. Get the kids involved for a fun alternative craft activity.

Toilet Roll Tube Circles
This is a basic technique which can work well if you apply to produce a shabby chic pattern. Simply dip the end of your toilet roll tube (alternatively you can use a cellotape or jar) into some paint and then press firmly on the fabric either in a neatly organised pattern or something more unruly if you wish.

This is a great technique to use in order to create vertical, horizontal or diagonal stripes. Simply tape over the sections you want to keep the original colour of the fabric and paint on the stripes or even gingham check for those feeling a little more adventurous.

Freeze Paper Stencil
For a fantastically effective and easy way to transfer patterns onto clothing you can’t beat freeze paper stencils. Use a craft knife to cut out a picture, phrase or pattern, and then secure the paper to the item of clothing by ironing on and with the same principles as screen printing simply paint in the space.

Comb Lines
To get consistent if slightly blurred lines on a design simply dip a comb into your paint and drag over the fabric. It will take a few dips and repeated drags so it is best to practice elsewhere before attempting this technique.

Foil Psychedelia
For a more out-there pattern which is easy and quick to achieve. Simply scrunch up a sheet of foil not too tightly dip into your paint and apply to fabric for an unusual and unpredictable pattern. Put various colours together to make it even more vibrant.

Checkered Pattern
Another use for freezer paper is to cut out 2 inch x 2 inch squares and iron on to a piece of fabric in a checker board fashion and paint the negative space to achieve this classic pattern.

Stamp it
There are various items from around the house that you can use as cool stamps to decorate clothing or household fabrics. String tied around a small piece of wood can create an arresting pattern, leaves can produce great natural motifs whereas the classic potato stamp can allow you to experiment with a variety of shapes and images.

Have you been creative with fabric paints recently?


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  1. im quite scared of fabric paints, im not very creative sounds like fun though


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