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10 December 2014

A Family Guide To Surviving The Holidays

It’s that time of the year when you go home to your family and spend the holidays with them. Although family bonding during the holidays can be great, tempers can be tested at times, especially if you have extended family coming over to ask you personal questions in front of everyone!

Don’t put a damper on your holidays. Here are a few tips on how you can survive the holidays.

  • Pace yourself – If you are going back to your family home for the holidays, pace yourself. You don’t need to spend every minute with your family. This is also your vacation and you need time to spend by yourself, especially if you’re an introvert. 
Schedule your visit and take time to do things by yourself as well as spending quality time with your family.
  • Make lists – With the holiday rush, there are some people you tend to forget. Make it a point to list down the people you’d like to visit, the parties you will be attending, and the people who you need to buy gifts for.

Whatever you plan on doing for the holidays, lists are always a good idea. Keep a small notebook with you at all times or use your smartphone to take down small notes that will help you remember.

  • Shop ahead of time – You don’t want to be in the shopping malls with throngs of people shopping for holiday presents. Do your holiday ahead of time to avoid spending hours at a store just to purchase a few items. Aside from saving time, you will also be relieved that you won’t have to stress about getting gifts for everyone right before Christmas.

  • Assign tasks for family members – With everyone on holiday vacation, the home can be a chaotic place. Assign tasks for family members to do including decorating the house, inviting people to come over for dinner, wrapping presents, and cooking food. You might get a few ideas from Kraft recipes. Doing this will make everyone busy doing their own thing, so there’s less tension in the house.

  • Create a seating arrangement – Let’s face it. Not all families are perfect and there are some relatives who don’t get along with each other. Create a seating arrangement and strategically place relatives who get along beside each other. This will ensure that you have a peaceful and happy holiday dinner where no family members bicker or feel uncomfortable.

  • Get your health in check – Christmas can be stressful for some. With all the meals that need to be prepared and the gifts that need to be wrapped, it’s sometimes difficult to get some rest. Make sure that each member of the family gets ample rest during this stressful season.

The holidays should be a fun time with the entire family. If you follow these tips, you will have a stress-free holiday that you will remember for years to come. The most important thing is to give and take in order to have a harmonious family relationship, especially during the season of giving.

What tips do you have for a stress-free Christmas?

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