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17 December 2014

Chocolate Brownie Christmas Trees

With so much festive food in the stores ready for Christmas it's a pretty good time to indulge; you can always think about the calories in the New Year!

The Mini Mes have their end of term parties this week before they break up for the holiday so we have been making some treats of our own too. I'd normally pop to the shop and purchase some fruit, crisps and a few other nibbles for all of the children at school quickly but thanks to shopping online with PayPal this year I seem to be really organised. I have a lot more spare time to do some baking, something that I really enjoy and the Mini Mes do too, snuggle up to watch some Christmas movies and do some Christmas crafts. 

We used my usual triple chocolate brownie recipe for these as it is a favourite of mine that never fails. They are always so moist and so tasty. You will probably be thinking about your second helping before you have even finished your first (unless that's just me being greedy)! 

100g plain/dark chocolate
180g butter
270g caster sugar
3 medium eggs
40g cocoa
80g plain flour
60g white chocolate
60g milk chocolate

To decorate
Icing pens
Candy canes
 Sugar decorations

  • Preheat the oven to 180 degrees and line a 12" by 9" baking tray
  • Melt the plain/dark chocolate with the butter in a pan on a low heat then set to one side to cool
  • Mix together the eggs and sugar for several minutes in a bowl
  • Add the butter and chocolate mixture to the sugar and eggs and combine
  • Mix in the cocoa and flour
  • Cut up the white and milk chocolate into small pieces and fold through evenly
  • Pour the mixture into the lined baking tray and cook for approx 30 minutes until crisp on top
  • Remove from the oven and allow to cool before transferring to a chopping board

  • Using a template or tree shaped cutter, cut out approx 10 brownie trees
  • Cut small pieces of candy canes (approx an inch in length) and insert into the bottom of each brownie in a central position
  • Use the icing pens to create a star on the top of each and a tinsel effect before adding on the sugar decorations to represent twinkling lights
  • Scoff!

These would make a lovely gift due to the pretty presentation yet they are low cost to create which is always a bonus at an already expensive time of year. You could easily give these as a foodie pressie to a teacher or make some for your neighbours. Placed in a pretty box with some tissue paper all wrapped up with a ribbon would look great. The children will enjoy decorating them too!

Making these was certainly a magical little moment for us.

Have you made any nice festive food recently?

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  1. These are adorable and so festive. Just love them

  2. They sound delicious and I love how you used candy canes as trunks- so pretty!

  3. They look so pretty! We've been busy making Christmas cakes for friends and family.

  4. omg yummy - may just have to make some of those with the boys this Christmas

  5. These look fantastic! I love the little candy cane tree trunks such a fab idea! xx

  6. OOH wow they are great , you are sending me some right

  7. What a really good and clever idea this is, they look amazing x

  8. Oh those are ace, totally fabulous and they look amazing.

  9. Those look amazing. Any left for me? We made Chocolate Orange Fudge for the teachers

  10. What a delicious idea! And they look so cute! Just perfect!

  11. Oh wow they looks so pretty and sound so delicious - the perfect partnership! x

  12. These look scrumptious! We will be making gingerbread biscuits over the weekend.

  13. Great idea for Christmas baking. And love the way you've used candy canes for the trees.

  14. Oh my goodness, they look delicious! I definitely agree that it's a season to indulge!! :)

  15. I am definitely going to try to make these over Christmas. We made melting snowman biscuits the other day, which were a hit.

  16. Love these. Not only do they look fun, but they look tasty too.

  17. Love this idea, my Daughters will enjoy making and decorating these

  18. Brilliant idea!..will try some of these.. :)


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