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16 December 2014

My Too Honest Tween

I'm quite an honest person, brutally so at times probably, but I'd rather hurt someone with the truth than lie to their face or gossip behind their back. I think it means people can trust me well and reach out when they need to; if you ask me if your bum looks big in something I will let you know! Many people will come to me with details of their love life, surprise party ideas etc to hear what my thoughts really are on the matter and to seek advice which I think is lovely.

I obviously wouldn't want to offend if it can be helped but I'm certainly reliable if you want a friend that won't beat about the bush. I do believe it is better to be open, although I will always try my best to say things in the nicest possible way not to upset anyone. I'd hate to do that unnecessarily so and you can definitely be truthful and kind together. I think.

Minxy seems to be developing a similar trait and she has already created some amazing friendships where she too can speak quite openly about how she feels. We also have a good mother daughter relationship where we can discuss everything and not keep secrets from one another which is how I hope things will always be. It would appear that she hasn't quite learnt any tact just yet though and I've told her a few times that her opinions can be shared but she needs to focus on being more gentle in the process.

She might need another lesson in this after a few incidents we had last week.... eek!

When walking home from school:

Me: Did you have a good day?
Minxy: Yea, my friend was upset that she wasn't going to the pantomime though.
Me: Aww that's a shame. There is always next year. What did she say?
Minxy: She said that she really wanted to go but couldn't. I told her that some people can go and others can't and that she needed to just get over it.
Me: .....

When it came to writing her Christmas list she was even very upfront with Santa:

I'm quite thankful she has a heart of gold and is very caring towards others as she can speak her mind and be quite sharp with her tongue without thinking! She is a bright little one though and will learn to take care with her wording soon enough. I know exactly where she gets it from and it does amuse me somewhat that she is identical to how I was as a 10 year old.

Do you have any tips on teaching children about being honest in a pleasant way?
Have your children been brutally honest and made you cringe/giggle?

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  1. Ha! Oh I loved the letter, I can properly imagine the kind of phone they mean ;) My son has done the one about 'fat' people a few times. I had a word with him but no idea how successful that was!

  2. I wish I had some tips for you but I need tips too! your daughter sounds very much like my 12 year old son, he told my sister this year, can you not get me a cinema voucher for Christmas as my mum just buys them off me as kids don't pay for themselves to go into the cinema.


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