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25 January 2015

5 Ways to Add Value on to Your Home

The housing market is a volatile place where it is difficult to predict trends and a local school can be more important that the number of bedrooms in the property. If you are thinking of selling your house you will want to ensure you get at least the amount you paid for it in the first place. However, depending on the market this can be a tall order. However, there aremeasures you can take which are sure to add value to your home. Not all of the following suggestions are cheap fixes but they are a guarantee of justifiably pushing up the price of your property without detracting potential buyers.

First Impressions Count
This popular maxim is as relevant to the business of house-buying as it is to any area of life. Many potential buyers will make their decision upon approaching a property. Repointing brickwork, getting window frames and doors painted and replacing that old garage door will go some way to increasing the ‘kerb appeal’ of your house. Other than that, more radical changes such as adjustments to the roof, wall cladding and porch may need planning permission.

Eradicate Structural Problems
It is imperative that you do not only deal with the cosmetic issues your house may have before putting it on the market. While these may seem to add value to potential buyers on first viewings, you also need to consider valuations which will be made further down the line before final offers are put in and agreed to by mortgage providers.

Neaten Up Outside Spaces
This falls in line with the above point about first impressions.Simple adjustments to gardens as well as clearing away any unwanted objects from outside of your house can make a big difference. Power washing paths and drives ways will alsohelp. However, it may be worth getting in a designer to provide some ideas on how to maximise the potential of your outside space. Adding fences, hedges or trees may bolster the attractiveness and give the privacy which some buyers will be looking for but also be careful not to block out light into windows.

Install Central Heating
People are very alert to a home’s heating provision and usually updating your system and installing a new one will cost less money than the value it will add. However, you should consider the general energy efficiency of the home in conjunction with this upgrade. Block any drafts around windows and doors and add loft insulation if needed.

Refresh Your Bathroom and Kitchen
When potential a lot of buyers look around a property they imagine their lives in the house. Everyone wants an attractive, functional kitchen to cook in and a clean hygienic bathroom to relax in is high on many people’s list of priorities. Heading to your local Ideal Standard Outlet or kitchen supply chain will give you some ideas and those instore may be able to give advice on a cost-effective makeover for your bathroom and kitchen which will appeal to a broad selection of buyers.

Have you got any tips to add to the list?

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