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26 January 2015

Minimise Me - Weight Loss Weekly #3

I was left feeling a little disappointed after last Monday's weigh in, where my weight reduced a tiny bit but not enough to register as a pound, so I decided to try a lot harder. 

Lesson learnt; Popping to the pub needs to be avoided at all costs!!

I've been eating so much healthier and my Coca-Cola cravings seem to have stopped. I can't hear the fridge calling me to raid it like Pac-Man anymore which really helps too. Some days I've even gone to bed a few hundred calories under my daily allowance which for me, is incredible and I'm so pleased with my progress. 

Again this week I've been drinking more water, eating more fruit and veg and trying to get more sleep. My goal for the week ahead is to get three hour long sessions of exercise in, which is easily doable. I'm scheduling these in for Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and I will take some pics of my Polar monitor to share the calories burnt and time completed.

Week 3 =

Total loss so far (since 5th January 2015) = 

I'm really pleased with how I've done over the past seven days.
I even fist pumped when I got off the scales!

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  1. 3lb is a fantastic loss - I only lost one this week and I was happy enough with that !! If you fancy linking up, I posted a new Sunday weigh-in linkie yesterday -

  2. 3lb is an amazing loss - fist pumping is the best reaction :)

  3. What a great weight lose this week! Well done x

  4. Very good I am on one aswell mine is for my wedding this may just doing healthy eating and more exercise works wonders.

  5. Well done, thats fab! I keep putting my diet start day off - next Monday it is.... ;)

  6. well done. I can't diet for love nor money so i've just decided to move more and eat less. Hopefully over time I should start to lose weight.

  7. Well done lovely! It feels great when you see the numbers go down! Hope you have a successful week x #SundayWeighIn

  8. That is an amazing loss! Congratulations!

    Sharon xx
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