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12 January 2015

Minimise Me - Weight Loss Weekly #1

One of my goals for this year, probably the biggest and most important, is to lose weight and eat healthier. I'm increasing my exercise too and I want to get fit. Running a bath is hard enough work these days never mind a marathon, and far too many cheeseburgers and chocolates fall into my face which I really need to change.

So, I'm calorie counting each day, using My Fitness Pal to log my progress and I will be weighing myself each Monday. I've begun and given up so many times before but as the Mr and I have already booked three holidays for the year (woohoo) and I want to feel confident in summer fashion I feel as though I'm in right mindset to do this. I began 5th January.

After the first 7 days (yesterday) I was 523 calories under my weekly goal in total. Each day I managed to stick with my daily goal bar Tuesday and Thursday where I was craving Coca-Cola a little too much and I allowed myself a pint cup. Considering I'm addicted to the stuff and I've not had any bar those two glasses this week I'm doing pretty well, plus if I deprive myself completely of my favourite things I know I will have a binge session which I really don't want!

I walked for 85 minutes around Badby Wood and I did an hour of Shaun T Hip Hop Abs which didn't actually kill me. Meals included Slimming World cottage pie and chicken tikka masala. I'm actually quite surprised that I feel a lot happier and more energetic when I expected to be miserable. It must be all the vitamins from plenty of fresh fruit and veg plus ensuring I get my 2 litres+ of water.

Week 1 =

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  1. Well done! Just keep chipping away at it and you'll be there in no time :)

  2. Woohoo well done, that's a fantastic start ! I do a weekly weigh-in on a Sunday so if you fancy linking up, this week's is here : Definitely agree to giving into mini cravings before they turn into great big ones. And I read your workout as Shaun The Sheep Abs for a minute there which made me laugh !!

  3. Wahoo! A 3 lb loss is just brilliant :-) What a great result for your first week! You can do it poppet xxx

  4. Well done,I have still got all kinds of goodies here ...duh!bought too much before Christmas!
    Good luck and stay positive

  5. well done great start, its really hard to break habits


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