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27 January 2015

Three Fantastic Activities For Animal-Loving Kids

Whilst young children naturally have widely differing interests depending upon their individual tastes, a love for all things animal-related is usually one uniting factor. It is a love that many never lose, with even myself still going slightly crazy over new-born kittens and big lumbering dogs!

A healthy love and interest in animals can lead to many things and here are three fantastic activities for animal-loving kids:

Cheltenham Festival, Gloucestershire

 by Carine06

Children can be mesmerised by the majestic beauty of 2014 Gold Cup winner Lord Windermere, while the adults can enjoy some cheeky betting and some animated discussion about their choices. 

The Cheltenham Festival is one of the oldest, and most jam-packed, horse racing festivals in the UK. This iconic event is absolutely brimming with races of various disciplines and varieties. Meanwhile, the line-up includes every jockey and horse worth their salt. The children will love the electric atmosphere, the impressive jumpers and the various breeds on display. More details about this event can be found on the Cheltenham Jockey Club's webpage.

Pennywell Farm, Surrey

 by didbygraham

Each day an average of ten ewes can be seen lambing at this idyllic farm in Surrey. Recommend by The Guardian as one of their top spring activities, this intimate and heart-warming experience is guaranteed to make adults and children alike melt. Children will be allowed to watch the baby lambs take their first, uncertain steps and even assist with their care by helping to feed them.

Set in a stunning country landscape, Pennywell Farm is the perfect break from the hectic rush of everyday life. Whilst the children enjoy mothering the baby lambs, you can enjoy the fresh air and picturesque views as you walk amongst the grounds. Moreover, the staff at Pennywell Farm have received excellent reviews for their engagement and interaction with the children, always ensuring the experience was mutually beneficial for everyone involved. For more information, go to

The Natural History Museum's Animal Puppet Show, London

 by DaveOnFlickr

Another change of pace, this vibrant and educating puppet show is perhaps the best of its kind. Whilst the previously mentioned experiences allow child to interact with the animals themselves, this complimentary experience teaches them about the various facets of our native wildlife.

Featured in Londonist's 'Things To Do In London In Half Term', this vibrant show deftly mixes gentle humour, basic knowledge and just enough winks and nudges to the adult audience. Moreover, the setting of The Natural History Museum means that once your child’s interest has been peaked, you can take them around the various animal-related exhibits within the main building. Check out the National History Museum's website for the full lowdown.

Where would you recommend visiting for some animal loving kids?

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Post by Lucy Wellings



  1. I would love to take my boys to the Cheltenham Festival, but I don't think they would cope very well with the sheer amount of people that go. We do go racing as we have a couple of shares in racehorses and the kids love going to see "their" horse run.

  2. Definitely want to try the puppet show in London, not too far for us compared to the others!
    Lauren | Belle du Brighton xx

  3. My daughter loves animals but my twins don't. They won't touch anything when I've taken them to farms lol x

  4. We are heading back to the Natural History Museum this year - the kids love it, and so do I!

  5. The natural history museum is brilliant, I am looking forward to taking my nephew there one day x

  6. The cheltenham Festival is on my list of events to visit - it looks great!

  7. Ah fab we're between the farm and museum so looks like we have a couple of ideas for the coming weeks :) thanks for sharing!

  8. We love the NHM too and we have some fabulous local attractions to meet and greet animals including Farmer Palmers and Marwell Wildlife

  9. They all look awesome - a bit far from us but we'd definitely visit if we were nearer x x

  10. These all look fab especially the Natural History museum, it's been a while since we took him down there. x

  11. Some great ideas. I've always wanted to go to the Cheltenham Festival x

  12. Visit your local dog training center. If they are anything like my one they will have a "rent a dog" option for kids classes. It is a lot of fun for dog loving kids who don't have a four legged friend at home.


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