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02 February 2015

Minimise Me - Weight Loss Weekly #4

I'm really 'in the zone' now and I'm actually so proud of what I've achieved already. I'm able to avoid temptation by thinking of how far I've come and picturing myself slim, like I used to be, which helps to keep me on track. I've thought about sticking some pictures of myself a few stone lighter in the fridge in case there are any days when I feel like a binge session though!

I've had the odd treat here and there as I'm not willing to deprive myself completely of my favourite things, but I'm including them within my calories or working harder to burn them off afterwards.

I didn't manage my 2 workouts on Tuesday and Wednesday as I'd mentioned last week but I did walk the dog several miles in the snow to compensate. That is one thing I need to improve; how active I am.

I was surprised to put on a pair of trousers to see that they were slightly baggy on my thighs on Thursday and this made me realise that it won't be ling until my body has changed enough for others to notice my efforts too (I hope). The Mr is great for motivation and he has complimented me no end which I really appreciate. It's lovely that we are doing this together and he has now lost 6lb!

Week 4 =

Total loss so far (since 5th January 2015) = 

So at the end of January I'm half a stone lighter!

I'm feeling a lot more energetic due to the consumption of so many more fruits and vegetables so I intend to up the exercise from here. I'm hoping I can lose 10lb during February.

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  1. Well done keep up the good work you put me to shame.

  2. thats good going! well done!

  3. Keep up the good work! :)

    I was doing well too, but at the end of January my diet went off track and I've basically gained all the weight back *sigh*

  4. woohoo half a stone is fab, well done ! - new linkie has just gone live if you want to join in :


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