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03 February 2015

5 Fun Apps The Mini Mes Love

Although time on the tablets is limited, the Mini Mes certainly have their favourite games to play. I must admit there are quite a few that are probably more suited to children that I really enjoy too! 
Here are some of our their most loved apps.

If you were a fan of Flappy Bird this is likely to prove popular in your home. With cars coming across the roads to avoid, trains on tracks to dodge and logs on rivers to cross you need to react quickly and move fast. You can take your pick from a variety of characters to be and by tapping the screen you can travel in different directions. It's great for developing hand eye coordination and it should get the kids to be more aware of traffic in the real world too.

This is a fairly recent download for the Mini Mes where they get to build and defend their land while battling players from around the world. You raise your own army which can include wizards, hog riders and dragons and you can work as a team with others to beat rival clans. There is some violence involved but it's only mild fantasy/cartoon and the Mini Mes love the competitive side of this game. With a 4.5 star rating it's worth getting for your tweens.

This series of games was recommended to me by a pen-pal oddly enough and after popping it on my own iPad the Mini Mes were soon requesting it for their Kindles! The idea is to help Emily serve customers in various cafe scenarios as her life story unfolds. There are wedding, honeymoon and other versions available to play - I have them all! It's a great way to teach the importance of prioritising tasks and it's nice to see what delights are being served up next.

Jamster is a huge fan of Hexbug toys so downloading this app seemed logical. You control 1 of 12 bugs, which you can unlock, and by swiping left or right you move it at top speeds to avoid obstacles and collect coins in the process. The track is identical to the toy range so it feels as though you are inside racing yourself!

Jamster has the Nano V2 Hurricane play set which I'd really recommend to keep children occupied when it's time to step away from the technology. It's actually quite amazing to see the Hexbugs climb horizontally and even vertically within the tunnels and scamper around by themselves. Jamster likes to add several in at one time to watch them collide and he has had great fun editing the layout to make some new twists and turns, plus scary drops, for the bugs to endure. Minxy even likes to get involved with this too! I've seen the set for just £19.99 on Amazon at the moment and with so much included that is great value. 

  • 1 x Nano V2 bug
  • 1 x funnel
  • 3 x straight tubes
  • 9 x curved tubes
  • 2 x curved Y tubes
  • 19 x connectors
  • 6 x stand-offs 
  • 2 x HEX cell bases plus removable walls & gates 
  • 4 x curved tracks
  • 4 x fixed pegs
  • 2 x rotating flags
  • 1 x button cell battery AG13/ (LR44) is included with each

This game features Om Nom, a rather cute little creature, that needs feeding candy and in order for him to get it you need to cut ropes and collect stars. It is a physics based puzzle that requires logical thinking but at the same time it is fairly simple for little ones to complete. The environment is interactive and this version has new and exciting characters to see also. There is a lot of merchandise available for this app with lunch boxes, books and soft toys to purchase which we seem to have built a collection of.

The talking plush is so soft and ideal for snuggling up with at home or when travelling to keep the kids company in the car. It says several phrases you may recognise from the app and it is suitable for children aged 4+. This lovely sticker book will also keep the kids entertained when at home or away while being educational too, which is certainly a bonus. The 16 pages are bright and attractive to make learning about science and completing puzzles fun... although I discovered several of the stickers on bedroom doors shortly after as they like to have the friendly character on display for all to see!
Jamster can take Om Nom to school with him and store his own lunch inside as this bag is great for holding his food in and it is so easy to clean too with the wipe clean material inside. There is a card slip on the reverse which is really useful for your child's details to go on.

What are your favourite apps?

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  1. I'm not sure about apps for kids...more like a great app for myself, I do like an app :) I may have to have a look at Delicious Emily

  2. my daughter is loving crossy road at the moment

  3. My boy is coming up for 4 and he loves playing games on my phone, these look great but a bit advanced for him :) xxx

  4. Delicious Emily looks great - the kind of game I could get hooked on!!

  5. Crossy road is a favourite in our house at the moment as well. Kaycee plays it on the tablet and Ella plays it on my iphone, Subway Surf and Plants versus Zombies 2 are the others they play, for now! :)

  6. Crossy Road sounds an awful lot like Frogger, which my children like to play - we're all about the retro games here! Apart from that, it's mainly all about Angry Birds.

  7. I had not heard if these apps but will let my children try them now

  8. Lydia loves Mahjong and solitaire, she has a sudoku too; I think back to when I was 7 mostly board games and Ataris back thn!

  9. My children enjoy the cut the rope app

  10. great apps will look them up

  11. I'm always on the look out for new apps for the kids so thanks for this useful post!

  12. My daughter looks the Gruffalo app

  13. I'm a Delicious Emily fan myself :)

  14. my kid's love crossy road


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