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23 April 2015

10 Great House Warming Gifts

It’s important to mark the occasion of a friend moving into a new home with an extra special gift. A new house is a place where they will start a new life, create memories, and enjoy their very own space. A house warming gift should be a celebration of this new phase. The present that you give should help them make the most of their new nest and heighten the excitement that comes with moving into a new home. Here are some gift ideas to give you inspiration.

Tool Box
Sooner or later every new homeowner is presented with the need for a good set of tools. Don’t let them come up short when the moment comes.

Personalised Products
From coasters to clocks, there is almost no product which you can’t personalise with a photo or text online. Have fun with the name of their new address, use a picture you know they like and get them something unique.

Start their Cook Book Collection
Everyone’s kitchen needs a good shelf of cook books. Do some research to find their favourite celebrity chef, type of cuisine or other specialism and buy a book which truly suits them.

A Family Portrait
A portrait of the family which is moving into the new address is a great gift which can be mounted above their fire place. A family photographer at somewhere like Venture Studios will be able to bring out the personalities of your friends and create an image which is perfect for the celebration.

A Hamper
You can be creative with this present. Put together any items which you think will be of use to your friend as they start their new life. It could be a collection of essential products which they have not had chance to buy yet or it could be a selection from their favourite shop or brand.

Shower Radio
Brighten up the less interesting rooms such as the bathroom with a gift of a shower DAB radio. They are sure to get lots of use out of this but it is perhaps not a priority on their shopping list.

A Tree to Grow
Giving them a sapling to grow is a nice sentimental way to signify the start of this new phase in their life. As the tree grows they will always be reminded of this exciting time.

Some Interior Decoration Guidance
There are plenty of great books on the market which give valuable advice on how to decorate a home to the current trends and a variety of tastes.

Piece of Art Work
A limited edition piece of art work is a nice present which will serve to make their home their own.

House Sign
Again, there are plenty of sites such as etsy which offer unusual versions of the classic house sign: a must for any new house.

What gift ideas do you have?
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  1. A tool box is an excellent gift as it's something that's not often thought about

  2. Some lovely ideas there, I always tend to buy flowers or a plant so thanks for this.

  3. I really like the hamper idea. I do that at christmas

  4. Great ideas, a tool box would be really useful and a house sign a lovely gift.

  5. A cook book is good but it may be better to give a basic cook book first with simple dishes to start and then more challenging

  6. I wish someone had bought me a tool box when I moved into my flat! I love the idea of the hamper too, it must include loo roll!!


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