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07 August 2015

How To Have A Low Cost Family Holiday

One of the benefits of working hard is playing harder and escaping for a family break is a great way to have fun while spending those well earned pennies. Holidays can however be a little costly, with everything from your transportation to your entertainment to cover, so if you're looking to save a few pounds on your booking these tips from the pay weekly store PerfectHome may be the answer!

My Own Tips
  • We travel quite regularly both abroad and around the UK and I would highly recommend booking early as mentioned above. You can often spread the cost if you need to by booking with a company that only requires a deposit at first or by arranging the separate parts of your holiday at different times.  I think having something to look forward to can make getting out of bed on rainy days a lot easier too!
  • When packing, plan your outfits for the week to prevent any extra baggage fees and to reduce the cost of your holiday wardrobe before you go. You really don't need a pair of shoes for each outfit (however much you may want them)!
  • If you're self catering try to arrange a food shop for the day of arrival or locate a supermarket to prevent yourself spending a small fortune on takeaways and restaurants. Take a picnic on days out and if you're all-inclusive have a late breakfast to fill you up before heading out for the day so you won't need to buy snacks along the way.
  • An alternative to a traditional style holiday is glamping or a staycation. You can have a luxurious camping trip and enjoy the great outdoors fairly cheaply (I find a week in a tent so relaxing where there is no technology as a distraction) or have a week of trips where you return home at the end of each day. You can go to the cinema, theme parks and even enjoy time at the beach if you long for sand beneath your feet. See if you can swap your reward points and vouchers to save even more.

    What money saving tips do you have when it comes to travelling as a family?

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  1. im just having the early or wait...eek..decisions!

  2. try and bring plenty of snacks for the airport so that you're not spending a fortune in the airport restaurants before you even leave! Some really good tips on this post, x


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