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06 August 2015

Race for Life with Kiqplan

Like many women (and men) I've battled with my weight over the years. Before having children I could eat whatever I liked, whenever I wanted, but unfortunately since having Minxy, 11 years ago now, I've struggled quite a lot and my dress size has increased by a few numbers!
I seem to eat a lot more and exercise a lot less since becoming a mum, which is a huge contributing factor to the extra pounds. I've tried calorie counting, various clubs and diets to get back in shape but I never seem to stay motivated long enough to follow through. However, setting myself a challenge for a very worthy cause might be what's needed to stay on track.
I've been looking at raising money for Cancer Research UK with Race for Life and using Kiqplan to help me get fit to achieve my goal. I know it's the taking part that counts rather than the finish time but at the moment I get out of breath running a bath not to mention a 5km so I certainly need some support!

Kiqplan is a personalised app, which is similar to having both a nutritionist and trainer to hand, 24/7. As it can help to transform the way you look and feel about yourself in just 3 months it definitely appeals to me and I'm sure it will be useful to anyone training for a specific event.
After filling in a few basic details your plan is set and with daily notifications you can keep on top of your workouts and look forward to your rest days. For me, it started off with some walks and jogs and increases as my fitness improves. You can tick off your workout once complete and it gives you a sense of achievement to spur you on further which I really appreciate.
The app also monitors your food intake, sleep, provides recipe ideas and pairs up with your trackers (like Fitbits) to make keeping track of your progress even easier!


"Kiqplan will motivate you to get more active and eat more healthily. It will ensure you progress at a pace you can cope with, hitting your daily targets along the way."
Good luck to everyone racing!

What advice do you have for someone training for a race?
Have you tried the Kiqplan app yet?

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  1. The Race for life is the only race i've ever done. It's such a fun day even though the reason behind it is so serious. Everyone is so supportive and yes it definitely helps you feel like you're making a difference while, hopefully, shedding a few pounds too!


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