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06 November 2015

Yorkshire Pudding Recipe

Having seen quite a few flat and blackened Yorkshire puddings in my time it made me realise that the ones I make are actually rather good. They are always well risen, or giant sized you could say, crisp and golden in colour. Any leftovers are soon eaten too, whether with a delicious roast dinner or teamed with sausages and lashings of gravy, so I thought I should share my recipe.

Best Ever Yorkshire Pudding Recipe


200ml milk
4 medium eggs
130g plain flour
Pinch of salt


Preheat the oven to 220 degrees
Add a little oil into the 12 holes in your muffin tray so it just covers the bottom of each
Place the tray in the oven to heat the oil. You should hear it spitting when it’s ready
Mix together the eggs and milk, sift in the flour and add the salt. I sometimes add a little black pepper too
Continue to mix until smooth
Divide the mixture evenly between the 12 holes, the mixture should almost fill each
Place in the oven and reduce the temperature to 200 degrees 
Cook for around 28 minutes

How do you make yours?
You can follow me here:



  1. Beautiful Yorkshire puddings

  2. Yum, these look so good x

  3. Yummy I am tempted to make these now

  4. These look yum, I'm lazy as I buy them frozen ready to cook!

  5. These look very impressive. I shall have to try making from scratch instead of buying frozen.

  6. they look very nice, my father in-law swears by using water instead of milk.

  7. Those look amazing! I am in the mood for some yorkie puds now - 10:30am is probably a bit too early though, right? #Love2Blog

  8. I make mine with a sachet of batter mix that costs less than 20p :-) these look delicious though

  9. I could've really done with this recipe yesterday. I was desperate for some yorkshire puddings on my roast!! They look great x

  10. I'm Yorkshire born and raised and my mum always said that you should always add an extra egg than the recipe says - this seems to have plenty as I usually add 3. I fancy a roast now with plenty of gravy!!

  11. man you make me want to eat some now! I'm also Yorkshire born and love these with our dinner! Angela from dasinbed

  12. I use a mix of milk and water! And then dip the leftovers in gravy as a snack!

  13. These look very nice! Hubby has got a name for his yorkshire puds now, quite often they end up with a face in them too!

  14. I absolutely love Yorkshire pudding! I make them similar to you.

  15. Ooh these sound fab, I haven't made Yorkshire puds for ages, might give this a go at the weekend.xx

  16. They look fantastic and so tempting. Might have to try these wit my little adventurers!

  17. The look deeeelicious! I am slightly obsessed with Yorkshires and eat them with any roast going!

  18. I have only just finished my dinner and this has made me hungry again. We started using Aunt Bessies as mine were rubbish so I will have to try this recipe out.


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