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01 January 2016

Random Acts Of Kindness - How You Can Receive A Gift During 2016

For the past few years I've chosen 5 friends or family members on 1st January to send a gift to as a random act of kindness. This year I'm reaching out to my followers!

How to nominate

If you would like the chance to receive a surprise gift at some point during 2016, or if would like to nominate somebody else to be sent one, please leave a comment below with your resolutions, hopes, plans or motivational quotes and I may be in touch with you shortly. Alternatively, on my Facebook page.

I wish you love, luck and happiness and thank you for your ongoing support with my blog.
I look forward to sharing our family adventures again with you this year.



  1. I love this idea, but rather than choosing people at the start of the year, I wait until anyone close to me is in need. As a depression and anxiety sufferer myself I know how important little things like this can be when you've got to the point of feeling than no-one cares.

  2. Our new years resolution is to spend more time as a family, whatever the weather once a month or more we all get together and have a day out! Time together is times to treasure �� loving this sweet competition thank you, hope you have a lovely 2016! ��

  3. David M
    What a brilliant idea to think of your followers too!

  4. I think this is such a lovely idea. Happy New Year to you

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I really enjoy your Blog. Thanks for the nice idea of a surprise package - would love to receive one, Happy New Year to you and your family.

  7. Every year I decide to have one same New year resolution: to be kinder to myself, to think more of myself but somehow, it never happens. I find it extremely difficult to be selfish and treat myself when I know I have 2 little ones who haven't been on holiday for 4 years or that they need this or need that. I won't lie, a little kindness would mean the world to me...

    1. What a lovely idea, I am currently keeping to my diet as I need to loose 5 stone. I would love to recieve a surprise package in 2016 thanks


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