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08 February 2016

7 Useful Tips For Your First Holiday With A Baby

We spend so much time planning for the arrival of our bundles of joy. After all, in the best possible way, our beautiful babies can turn our world upside down. But amid the raft of changes they bring to your sleeping patterns, your house, the size of your car and everything else, it’s easy to forget to take care of number one, and your special someone too.

You need your R&R, and having a baby shouldn’t mean you miss out on your holiday when summer rolls around. So how to ensure that your first trip away with the new addition to your family is a trip to remember, at a suitable location, and that a relaxing and enjoyable experience for everyone results? Here are seven bits of advice which should hopefully go some way to helping you out…

Look far and wide
If your dream is to go afar, and your baby is not yet mobile, this may be your time to go long distance. Flying with a very small child is a good deal easier (and more affordable) than doing so when they are a crawling (or walking) toddler, so there’s no time like the present to go to Santiago or Sydney.

Adjust expectations
Sadly lazy lie-ins, long dinners and going to parties aren’t likely to be the order of the day when you get there. It’s just something that you need to make peace with, and factor it into the destination you choose too.

Have a think about accommodation
You may find that with your young’un, self-catering works better than a hotel. You can do meals for him or her as you please, and then you put them to bed in the evenings and enjoy a barbecue and some wine just outside. It may mean a bit of work for you guys, but could be beneficial in the end.

Up your budget (if possible)
Babies may not add much to the food bill, and self-catering could initially mean a cheaper trip. But you’ll need to pack heavy with all your baby equipment, or you may want to consider taking the babysitter along. Not to mention that your destination will need to be baby-friendly. As the pool of holiday contenders narrow, it may drive up the price. The good news is that if it extends beyond your initial budget, there are a myriad of low-rate holiday loans to be had in the UK.

Go with buddies
This is probably the ideal time to go away with fellow new-parent friends if you can. If you allocate each couple a designated day or time to do all the baby duties for everyone, it will end up giving all of you more time to switch off and relax.

Be safety-conscious from the get-go
It’s inevitable that you’ll be worrying about your baby anyway, but you can’t let it stop you from having a good time. So make sure all the ducks are in a row before booking. If there is a pool, check that it’s enclosed. Find out if there are busy roads and open water in the vicinity, or if they have stair gates you can use – if you need them.

Stay upbeat
There might be some teething problems with your first holiday with your baby, and a stressful moment or two. But don’t lose heart. Each trip will get easier and easier as they grow up. You’ll be holiday pros in no time!

Have you got any tips on travelling with a baby?

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  1. Thanks for these great tips x

  2. Good list. The go with buddies suggestion is my favourite.

  3. great post. I always feared taking the kids on holiday, we have been on Uk breaks only

  4. Super useful tips, I've bookmarked this!

  5. Great tips always handy to check before you travel.

  6. some great tips. we drove to france when our daughter was 6 months old, as figured it was better, so we could take all her stuff with us. our 7 seat car was jammed pack. when our son was 7 months we decided to fly with him, took the bottle steriliser and baby bouncer to name a few things lol we brought a lot of extra baggage.

  7. Really useful tips might come really handy Thanks

  8. Nice and useful post,thanks xx

  9. Claire Elizabeth Noke25/02/2016, 19:48

    Pointing my friend in this direction for a quick read, she's going on her first holiday abroad (ever) and taking her toddler and ew baby with her ! :)

  10. all very useful, I will show my friends

  11. fantastic tips. Will pass on thanks :-)

  12. If you are going to a country where english is not the majority spoken language - find out before you go the local language equivelent for items you might need to purchase abroad such as nappies, formula and calpol! Check before you go what the prices are like as you might find it is actually cheaper to just take a couple of days worth and pick the rest up at a local supermarket/pharmacy rather than paying for the excess luggage.


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