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08 February 2016

Meal Planning Monday

This past week I've booked a few holidays, been to Ikea for some decorating inspiration (while filling my face with 60p hot dogs) and played taxi to the Mini Mes on several occasions. I swear they have better social lives than I do with three parties to attend! The week ahead is equally as busy with the return of swimming lessons for Jamster, a trip to Liverpool and hopefully a romantic getaway for Valentine's, so there are quite a few quick and slow cooked meals on the planner for convenience.

Here is the menu for the week ahead:

    • I do love a good pie and this chicken and gammon recipe is one that I always return to as everyone enjoys it. I've started making the filling on the hob while cooking the pastry by itself on a tray in the oven to save time.
    • Mexican is another favourite cuisine and these cheesy baked enchiladas are really tasty. I am a bit of a cheese addict however so that comes as no surprise!
    • Soup is so easy to make in advance so this is ideal for the Mr and I to have when we are child-free on Wednesday evenings.
    • I was trying to think of a different protein to use as we have quite a lot of chicken so I decided to add this slow cooked Chinese dish to the menu to celebrate the Chinese New Year too.
    • I have some mince in the fridge (3 for £10 deal) so this will go nicely for spaghetti bolognese.

      What's on your menu this week?



      1. Wow it does sound like a busy week! That pie sounds something we would all enjoy too x

      2. Love your menus always great ideas and really need to give your beautiful pie recipe a whirl -never had chicken and gammon in a pie and the enchiladas are always a firm favourite

      3. Chicken and Gammon Pie sounds soooooo good!

      4. Chicken & Gammon pie sounds so good! And a great way to use left overs too! I need to give this a go!

      5. The entire weeks menu sounds delicious I bet you all must have enjoyed..


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