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22 March 2016

5 Top Tips on Encouraging Children to Share

Sharing can often be difficult for little ones. They may not want to let friends or siblings play with their toys but it's an important life skill which can bring lots of joy to them and others. As they grow they will also learn that sharing good news can actually increase happiness further, as shown in the video below - even if it's meant to be a secret!

Sharing is certainly beneficial and our tips may help your child to share more so.

Lead by example
Sharing with your child will let them learn what is expected of them and let them understand the nice feelings sharing brings for themselves and others. Talk about what you're sharing, whether it's cake, a story book or pieces in a game, and explain how kind it is to do so. Ask them how they would feel if people didn't share with them and talk about how hurtful that can be. Also tell them details on your day and ask them how their day has been to improve information sharing.

If your child is going to nursery or soft play where they will be required to share, discuss possible situations in advance. Let them know that there will be lovely things to do and that other children present may want to play with them too. Tell them that they can have lots of fun by sharing equipment and that it will help them to build friendships.

Arrange encounters
If you're going to be meeting someone for a play-date then let your child take a few items of their own along with them. They may enjoy showing everyone what they have brought before looking at what the other children have to offer. This may also encourage sharing. If your child has big issues with sharing you should probably warn the other parent in advance - they might want to help too!

If your child is sharing well then let them know how kind they are being and how it has made others happy. If they receive praise it's more likely that they will repeat the behaviour in the near future.

When the Mini Mes had difficulty sharing as toddlers I used to read them a story called 'Mine' about a young girl that doesn't want to share. It's quite a funny tale but also teaches a valuable lesson! You might want to add it to your bookshelf.

Now that they are older they are very caring and generous individuals and I'm sure if they knew about a huge cake, as in the video, they would tell me!

Do you have any tips on sharing?

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  1. Great tips. We find the praise one works best, with lots of positive reinforcement.

  2. Sharing is so important, but it can go too far, I was the third child and didn't really have anything of my own, so now, I'm very protective of my own things and find it hard to share


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