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21 March 2016

Creative Fun with Angel Delight

I remember enjoying Angel Delight quite frequently as a child but it was only when approached by the brand recently that I realised the Mini Mes had never even tried it before! With a new chocolate mint flavour now available, which was selected by their Facebook followers, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to introduce it to them.

Along with an array of treats and fruit to decorate their dessert, of course!

Chocolate Mint Angel Delight with Easter themed decoration Chick

Minxy opted for an Easter look in the form of a cute and crazy looking chick. She used edible eyes and yellow, green and orange sprinkles to create a body. She finished it off with a chocolate bean for the beak.

Chocolate Mint Angel Delight with Easter themed decoration Bunny

Jamster decided to go for an Easter themed pudding too. He made his bunny from three white chocolate buttons for the cheeks and mouth, a pink marshmallow for the nose and two chocolate beans for the eyes. He also popped in some of his favourite fruit, slices of apple, to represent ears.

Simple yet effective and ideal decorative ideas for this time of year!

Chocolate Mint Angel Delight with Easter themed decoration Chick and bunny

To celebrate the release of this tasty new flavour and the creative side of the product, Angel Delight have decided to put together a #DelightfulMovies film made up of videos and photos from their fans!

All you need to do is get busy in the kitchen and share your final masterpieces on the Facebook page for a chance to WIN a £50 movie streaming voucher!

We've put together a little video of our own....

How do you decorate yours?

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  1. I've not had Angel Delight in years! It used to be such a treat in our house, and it was always my job to whip it up.

    Scotch whip was my favourite (Butterscotch Angel Delight, to translate!)

  2. I have not had Angel Delight for years. Butterscotch is my fave - must go and buy some, hope its as good as I remember

  3. LOVE the rabbit, just perfect for Easter. My boys had so much fun with this activity

  4. I am a huge Angel Delight fan. I could actually eat sooooo much in one sitting! This new flavour sounds amazing.... loving all the decorations! x

  5. He he he they are fabulous! Love the owl especially :)

  6. We haven't had Angel Delight in ages, some very cute ideas there!

  7. Wow I used to love Angel Delight and haven't eaten it in ages! Time to raid the supermarket!


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