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29 March 2016

The Good Dinosaur Egg Soaps

We were sent a lovely bundle of goodies from Disney recently to celebrate the release of The Good Dinosaur on DVD and as the Mini Mes enjoyed the movie so much we decided to get a little creative! When I was younger I would often have soaps that had small, cute figures inside which would slowly be revealed as I cleaned, so I thought we could make some of our own but with dinosaurs inside an egg shape. 

This is a fun seasonal activity, with it being the Easter holiday, and it's also great for encouraging the kids to wash themselves if they aren't always keen on the idea!

What you will need

Dinosaur toys
Plastic eggs
Egg Cup (or similar)
Glycerin Soap (approx 85g per soap)
Twine (optional)

  • Tape over any holes in the plastic eggs to begin and then place the base half in an egg cup. Tape the egg to the cup to keep it steady if necessary
  • Pop a dinosaur figure in the egg as centrally positioned as possible
  • Melt some glycerin in a pan over a low heat and pour it into the egg, right up to the rim
  • Leave it to harden and then remove the egg half from the egg cup
  • Place the empty half of the egg into the egg cup to keep it in place and pour melted glycerin in
  • Take the set bottom half with the dinosaur inside, turn it upside down and carefully attach it to the top half of the egg ensuring it is sealed securely
  • Leave to harden for several hours
  • Remove the plastic egg to reveal your soap!

If your little ones find holding onto an egg is a bit tricky you can thread some twine through the holes in the egg before pouring in the glycerin and once set knot them to create a soap on a rope!

You can purchase the materials here to make your own:

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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  1. This is such a cool idea, and much simpler than I'd imagined it would be!

  2. This is such a good idea. WE loved the good dinosaur film x

  3. My daughter would love these, she is mad about dinosaurs

  4. These look fun to do during the Easter hols! Thanks!

  5. They are so cool, we may look to do these next week!

  6. What a fabulous idea! Thanks for sharing.

  7. what a fun way for children to get clean x

  8. defiently be trying during the holls looks fab xx

  9. great idea - sounds fun!


  10. Fun idea.

    Rachel Craig

  11. This has given me a great idea !! Soaps for my daughters birthday party bags so pleased I saw this X
    Kali filsell

  12. My grandson would love these

  13. Going to have to try these with my 2 year old. He is obsessed with dinosaurs.

  14. great idea - sounds fun!

  15. fab rainy day a activity


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