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28 March 2016

Turning 10

It really doesn't feel like ten years since I gave birth to Jamster on my en suite bathroom floor without a midwife present. He arrived 11 days early and the labour was rather quick at just 2 hours 36 minutes - despite planning a delivery at home, it just wasn't as expected.

But, here I am, celebrating yet another birthday, reflecting on his life so far and thinking about what the future has in store for him. It actually makes me incredibly emotional writing this, thinking that perhaps he is my last baby even though I long for another, yet knowing he has grown into such a wonderful boy that makes me incredibly proud.

I'd woken with pains at 2am and assumed I'd just exerted myself a little too much during the day as I had walked a few miles with Minxy in the pram, being rather a stubborn woman and not wanting to slow down. I had a bath and tried to relax a little but the tightenings became intense and I called the ward to send support out to me. 

They seemed to think it would be hours until his arrival, especially as I had contractions on and off for 3 days before Minxy was born, but when I felt the urge to push we called 999 to dispatch a paramedic asap. He pulled up outside our three storey home just as Jamster arrived in the amniotic sac! Something that is apparently very rare but is also seen to be lucky. 

It was all very surreal and I kept being sick throughout, I think purely from the shock, but it was still lovely to get into my own bed afterwards with my tiny 6lb 14.5oz bundle. 

Jamster is turning into a real gentleman and I feel lucky to be woken by his cheerful expression every day. Not only is he so full of energy with a great personality, he is developing academically too and putting in lots of effort at school. He is always willing to help at home, when I can get him away from Minecraft and parkour videos that is, and he will always say 'ladies first', holds doors and lets me order first in a restaurant which shows his great manners and respect.

Jamster at 10

  • he still curls his hair and sucks his two fingers for comfort when he is tired
  • he sleeps with his knees up and his hands behind his head like he is sunbathing in his dreams
  • he sill loves spaghetti bolognese - it has been his favourite for years
  • he enjoys reading Tom Gates stories and recently set up a book club at school
  • his favourite songs are currently 'She's Kinda Hot' by 5 Seconds of Summer, 'IN2' by WSTRN and 'Get Ugly' by Jason Derulo. He enjoys singing
  • He likes to watch Supergirl, The Flash and Impractical Jokers

He is often thinking of others and has such a captivating giggle.
I'm hoping to make him a big brother, or at least a page boy, in the very near future and I'm hoping he learns to swim this year too as he has been trying hard in his lessons.

Love you Jambo

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  1. They grow so quick don't they! My eldest son turned 12 in February and he is almost as tall as me! Once they pass 10 they seem to grow even faster!

  2. It scares me how quickly they grow up, one second they're babes in arms, the next you're sending them off to university!

  3. What a lovely post. It brought back lots of memories for me.

  4. Doesn't time fly! I love looking back at old photographs.

  5. Fab pictures super cutie xx

  6. Started a book club at school :- Very Well Done! Nice to read that he has developed well and has Good manners. Nice photos, and nice to read how he is doing. Keep us up to date. He seems a Handsome chap.

    Rachel Craig

  7. So cute X my daughters turning 9 this year , it's so emotional looking back , time goes by too quickly
    Kali filsell

  8. My daughter turns 25 this year, time really does fly too fast

  9. Fab pictures super cutie xx

  10. My oldest is 10 this year, makes me a little sad

  11. Kids grow up so fast its crazy H turns 3 this year its nuts


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