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25 July 2016

5 Bathroom Renovation Tips

If your bathroom has seen better days the summer holiday is the ideal time for a little renovation - you can pop on the radio, open the windows and let the sun shine in as you work away.
Not only will a remodel increase your property value if you're thinking about moving, it can be an important place to help you to relax and unwind so it's certainly worth doing.

These tips should help you on your way.

Evaluate your current bathroom concentrating on what you really like about it and what you wish to change. When you then calculate your budget you can prioritise work - replacing the entire suite for a full makeover, picking up new tiles or just by getting a few new accessories depending upon what you have to spend. You can then work out what funds you require for your plan and set up a savings plan if necessary.

A quick lick of paint can transform a room and it's usually fairly cheap to do so, just make sure you opt for tins that are suitable for rooms where there will be moisture to prevent peeling. Decorating with white or neutral shades is the best option as it makes a generally small room appear much larger. You can of course have a feature wall, attach stickers and artwork or add a splash of colour with your accessories if you're after something more vibrant. 

You can also add colour or patterns with the wall tiles or flooring you use. Again, opt for lighter colours in durable materials if you can or if you use darker versions try to minimise the quantity to give the illusion of space. Avoid carpet or wood as bathrooms have a damp atmosphere and choose stone, rubber or vinyl if possible - using large tiles, instead of small, can make rooms seem bigger too.

Bathroom storage is essential for a clutter-free environment. You can select under-sink versions with drawers built in, wall mounted units or just a few shelves if there is little to keep out of sight. Containers come in handy when it comes to cotton buds, pads and brushes. You may also want a bath caddy for the kid's toys.

Accessories can make a big different to the final look. Mirrors reflect light, orange and green coloured towels provide warmth and curved chrome taps provide a modern look. Although you may need enclosed vapour-proof down-lights, lanterns with scented tealights can look pretty while eliminating any fragrances than linger as can freshly cut flowers. There are lots of items to consider with local supermarkets stocking coordinated products and Pinterest being great for inspiration.

What tips would you add?

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  1. for the containers -I use colour coordinated glass paint and decorate posh coffee jars to hold my bathroom essentials in and also the toothpaste/toothbrush holder

    1. Sounds like a fab idea! It's lovely to make things yourself x

  2. You can also re-enamel your bathtub for not much money. We just did this and it looks like new.

  3. I agree with your tip about floor tiles. We have a light-coloured but strong pattern on the floor of our downstairs bathroom, and everyone compliments us on it.

  4. Mirrors are definitely a good idea, especially in a small bathroom. Ours is small and really wish it was bigger!

  5. We have a very plain white bathroom, with white tiles and bath etc. I love that I can switch things up with accessories and some new towels

  6. Pinterest is an amazing source of inspiration - ours is next on my list to do x x

  7. oooh top tips, we desperately need to sort out our bathroom.

  8. I just spent ages sorting out our bathroom, repaint and storage to clear away all the clutter


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