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25 July 2016

DIY Phone Holder {Creative Summer 3}

The Mini Mes are now both tweens and it seems to get harder to keep them entertained and away from technology each summer. Finding activities that they will enjoy and appreciate can be tricky but as they both have mobile phones this craft is ideal for keeping them off their handsets to be creative by making something they will both find useful!

There are two different versions that you can try; one to hold your mobile while it's on charge, the instructions for which follow later this summer, and one to display your mobile on a bedside table or desk, which is below. Both use items you will probably have in your recycling tubs already so you won't need to pay out a penny either - it's frugal!


Card roll
Washi tape
Sugru/Blu Tack/4 Pins


  • Place the base of the mobile phone centrally against the top of the card roll and draw around it with the pencil
  • Cut out the shape with the scissors
  • Use washi tape to cover the card roll completely, in whichever direction you prefer. Remove any tape that overlaps the hole that you cut out previously
  • Attach 4 equally sized balls of Sugru/Blu Tack or push pins to the underside of the card roll, positioned in the same place, slightly wider than the phone width, as legs
  • Place your phone inside

- Personalise each holder by using different patterned washi tape to match the season, favourite hobbies, characters etc
- Add stickers, glitter, paper clips etc too
- If you use pins as legs be careful as they can be sharp! We covered the points with a glue gun once in place
- Cut a tiny hole underneath so you can charge the phone when in the holder

** Pop back to the blog each day, right up until 5th September, for daily activities to keep the kids entertained as part of my Creative Summer project **

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  1. Thats a fantastic crafty project for the summer holidays !! ... they can personalise them as they want then... I will be pinching this !!

  2. Oh this is genius! i love it. Please do join me for Trash 2 Treasure, there is one open now or a new month starting on Monday. The simple ideas are often the best. This would really appeal to my teens.

    1. Thanks for linking up, just moved you forward to August #Trash2Treasure live today

  3. I am forever leaving my phone laying around - I need one of these

  4. These are so very sweet and practical too.

  5. These are absolutely great! Not only the perfect rainy day activity but really useful too! Me and my oldeer girls will be making these very soon!

  6. I can see this appealing to my older two. Fun idea and great recycling craft. #Trash2Treasure

  7. Such a cute idea! #trash2treasure


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