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26 July 2016

Feeling Lucky with Lottoland

You really do have to be 'in it to win it' yet with so much going on with work and raising the Mini Mes, which certainly keeps me busy, purchasing lottery tickets often slips my mind until it's too late and the draws have been made. Therefore using an online service is far more convenient and I've been putting Lottoland to the test recently. After all, it would be wonderful to have a few million in the bank and a jet-setters lifestyle to go with it wouldn't it!

The website is really easy to navigate with a large variety of lotteries to bet on. Unlike the usual Lotto and Euromillions that I occasionally do remember to buy, you don't purchase tickets but instead you bet on the numbers that will be drawn and if you're a winner Lottoland makes a secure and direct payment to you. This enables you to get involved with lotteries from all around the world without leaving your lounge and there are massive jackpots, free bets, special offers and unique features to take advantage of. 

With scratchcards and other games to play it can definitely keep you entertained in the evenings.

Just a few of the lotteries available

I received some credit to use on the website and on my very first visit I managed to win £5 on a scratchcard *insert fist pump and happy dance*. It was really easy to pick, purchase and reveal and the funds were in my account instantly - there was no delay at all. 

Although that's not enough for a family holiday or a new home it lifted my mood straight away and it encouraged me to bet on the Mega-Sena lottery, the results for which will be shown on Thursday. I can even set up a subscription, which is very useful as a busy parent, so I can be entered weekly with no effort required and emailed a notification should I win in the future.

Hopefully one day I will win big, be able to treat loved ones and even plan my wedding (when I finally get a proposal) but until then I shall keep my fingers crossed!

Have you used Lottoland yet? 

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  1. Well done on your win - we put the lottery on every week and check our numbers hopefully but we never win much at all ;-)

  2. I do the lottery every week without fail and rarely win anything and never more than £5


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