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25 August 2016

Calypso Holiday Hacks #4 - Summer Activity Jar

The Holiday Hacks app from Calypso has been a really useful resource this summer. It has provided us with lots of great ideas to keep the Mini Mes occupied, regardless of the weather, and we've spent time readingenjoying time outdoors as a family and photographing animals at the safari park over the past few weeks.

As the summer holiday draws to a close you may want to squeeze in lots of last minute trips and activities or be looking for low cost entertainment to fill the last remaining days and this craft suggestion is a wonderful one that we decided to put to the test. Especially when after purchasing all of the new uniform and shoes for the return of school funds may be a little low.

"We have a big jar of notes, each with a free or cheap activity on it - we pull one out every day and do it! It adds some variety and you're never left wondering what to do."


Wooden sticks


  • Firstly you will need some sort of container. You can use whatever you have to hand like a clean jam jar, a tin or even an empty plant pot.
  • Create a label, either print one from online or take a few minutes and design your own. You can then attach this to the container with glue or tape. Whichever you prefer.

  • Decide how many activities you want to complete before the end of the summer and designate a wooden stick to each. Write an activity on each and place them inside the container.
  • Whenever boredom strikes you can pick a stick, perhaps allowing siblings to take it in turn.

  • Complete the tasks and if you wish you can create a second container to pop the sticks into once you have done the activity on it.
  • If you use a container with a lid you can easily pop them away for next summer too

Take a peek and the Holiday Hacks app and see what activities it recommends for you to try this summer.

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