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27 August 2016

Preparing Your Children For School

The years seem to fly by and before you know it, your little one will be getting ready to go to school. While this can be a rather daunting moment for you as a parent, you will no doubt be more concerned about doing your absolute best to ensure that your child is ready to take the step.

These tips should help to ensure that your child is ready for their first day:

Emotional Preparation

Getting your child ready for school is an emotional, as well as physical, journey and the emotional aspect is absolutely essential to make sure that they are school ready. Take a few trips to the school together to familiarise them with the journey, and go into their classroom - this will help them feel comfortable arriving and staying there when you won't be around to hold their hand. Meeting the teacher together is also a really great way to get your child familiar with the person who they will be spending the most time with at the school.

It’s also a good idea to make it seem like the exciting prospect that it is. Take your child on an adventurous trip to get all their school accessories like the uniform, shoes, bags and pencil case. If they associate school with being excited then they will really look forward to their first day. You may also want to arrange a few play dates with children that are in their class so they have some friends from the very beginning for extra support and confidence if needed.

If there are issues at home like a separation or divorce in progress, try to find a solicitor and get things resolved as quickly and amicably as possible to prevent any unnecessary stress for you or your child. Starting school may be particularly hard if you are going through a tough time but ensuring you have a good children solicitors and specific visiting hours with the other parent in place will certainly help.

Physical Preparation and Life Skills

A large part of getting it right the first day of school also comes down to physical preparation, as well as a good knowledge of life skills. Make sure your child’s clothes fit properly, if anything purchase a size too big as they are going to grow rapidly and label absolutely everything so that even if they misplace something the chances of it being returned are increased.

Life skills are incredibly important too. Make sure your child has been socialised with children of their own age and that they are comfortable and happy to communicate with them. Try and reinforce good toilet etiquette at home, things like wiping themselves, washing their hands and flushing the toilet. Great manners will also go a long way in the classroom, so make sure that they know the importance of please and thank you.

While it can be scary to send your little one off to school, try not to cry in front of them. Send them off with a smile and if you feel like you may get upset then pack some tissues and wait for them to get inside or until you’ve made it back to the car if you can. If they see your joy it will only encourage them to try to make the most of their day and start school positively.

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  1. Some great tips! Thank you!

  2. I think sometimes we, as parents, need preparing more than our children!

  3. Maria Rogers08/11/2016, 09:30

    when my youngest started school I hung round the school gates the whole day it was such a wrench to finally let her go and accept she was no longer my baby!

  4. My daughter loved school from the first day. Made it so much easier for me

  5. My daughter refused to get out of bed this morning, she has been really good and enjoyed school so far and now our problems start

  6. Brilliant tips to help everyone. It's such an important part of life & we want to get it as right as possible.

  7. Some great advice! Will be sharing with friends too. Thank you x

  8. Good advice. It is an important milestone for child , family and Community. We all want it to go well.

    Rachel Craig

  9. Great advice. My son's school gave them a little hand written fictional book about the school which we read to him over the summer holidays. It really helped him to prepare.

  10. Great tips and totally agree about making them see it as an enjoyable experience

  11. Read a going to school book during the holidays

  12. I don't know whether to take it personally or not but both my elder children couldn;t wait to go to school (and still love it) I don;t think I've ever had a problem sending them in, I've been very lucky


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