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13 February 2019

5 Safe Valentine's Day Activities for Expectant Mothers

For couples in the first throes of romance, Valentine's day often means romantic treats, dinner dates and the giving of very personal gifts. However, for couples expecting a baby, St Valentine's day is perhaps written off as something that is for the young and free. However, these five Valentine's Day activity ideas prove that romance can blossom during a pregnancy when the day arrives. 

1. A Maternity Photo-Shoot
Most young couples will wait until their little bundle of joy arrives before thinking about taking some quality photographs, but a pregnancy is part of the journey towards parenthood, and it should be savoured. A romantic way to share a pregnancy with your partner this Valentine's Day is with a maternity photo-shoot. Professional photographers often offer special packages for expectant couples, which sometimes include themed clothing and various backdrops - for a selection of photos that will capture this magical time in your life forever. 

2. Antenatal Classes
Antenatal classes allow mums and dads to both take an active role in pregnancy together - as a team. And part of being in a team involves an emotional, tactile connection, which is why attending a class on Valentine's Day makes perfect sense. As well as being given practical advice and tuition on what to expect during pregnancy, childbirth and the early weeks of parenthood, an antenatal class teaches breathing and stretching exercises that require the input of a partner. This is a great way for two people to share in one of the most momentous events of life. 

3. Private Pregnancy Scans
Most mums-to-be in the UK only have two ultrasound scans during their pregnancy, but some healthcare providers recommend that five scans are carried out at different stages of a baby's development. As well as the dating and anatomy scan that most expectant mothers will have, it is possible to have scans for combined screening tests and growth checks. However, an ideal Valentine's Day activity for an expectant couple involves having a 3D scan, which provides the first detailed glimpse of a baby parents will get. And what is more romantic than a loving couple setting eyes on their child for the very first time?

4. Make a belly cast
Using plaster of Paris or a specialist clay, there are some sculptors and specialist services that will take a perfect cast of a baby bump, which can then be transformed into a striking plaque or sculpture for posterity. Not only will this leave you and your partner with a lasting reminder of the experience you shared, making the cast will be lots of fun on Valentine's Day.

5. Enjoy a Date Night
It may sound simple, but few things are as romantic and rewarding as cooking a nutritious and tasty meal with the person you love. Have some playful food fights, and enjoy a candlelit meal afterwards. And when the last of the after-dinner mints have been eaten, finish off the evening with a movie marathon featuring pregnancy-related movies. 

It is very important that expectant couples keep the romantic flame burning throughout pregnancy. By making an extra special effort to spend quality time together on Valentine's Day, you and your partner can revel in the joy that goes hand in hand with expecting a baby.

What gifts would you recommend for mums-to-be?

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