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26 March 2019

Have a Spring Clean to Raise Money for Your Community

Local community groups are one of the most important contributors to fundraising. They directly affect where we live, ourselves or people we know and places that we go.

However, it can be incredibly hard for these groups to raise money for their causes as they are usually clubs, groups, churches, schools or sports teams, with limited funding available.

So, here are a couple of tips that you can help your community raise vital funds to help local causes:

Choose a charity close to your heart

First and foremost, you will need to pick a cause that appeals to you. It might be because what they
do has impacted you in the past, or it could just be that you really admire the work they do.
Whatever the case, just be sure to choose a charity that you are passionate about raising money for.

It can help to write a good, persuasive piece of content around why you are supporting the charity to
help others understand what you’re trying to achieve. The more detail and personal touches you feel
comfortable adding, the more likely people are to buy into your cause. Here are a few tips from
Justgiving to help you gain donors.

Consider what events you could run

A well organised calendar of events will give provide you with a range of opportunities to raise more money. Then, you can choose which one would be the most effective for you in raising money.

So, once you have analysed what partnerships are available to you within your community, start
considering who you may be able to run an event with and when.

It may be that you consider running a summer fete by joining forces with another group, or in winter
you hold a Christmas raffle with prizes donated by local businesses. Meanwhile, throughout the
year, you might encourage local individuals to take part in a fun run or have a Spring clearout to host
an online auction.

This is a great way of motivating yourself, as you’ll gain a decluttered and organised home while your chosen charity gains a great donation to go to a great cause!

Get organised

If you are going to have a Spring clearout, it’s a good idea to get some bags or boxes organised into piles first of all. One to bin any items not suitable for selling, another for general selling or donation
to a raffle, and another for high quality or luxury items that will raise more money.

This will help you identify what your big ticket items are and which you can market as the biggest
attractions to draw people to get involved. It could be a designer handbag or a large set of fancy
toiletries or cosmetics, or even a set of pans!

There are some fab tips on decluttering over on Becoming a Minimalist’s site to start you off on your
journey to having a clear and organised wardrobe and home.

Identify partnerships for your cause

Then, you could think about who in your community may be able to support your cause. From
residents living in the area to local businesses who could contribute to a raffle, or local councils who
could provide funding and other groups who could pull together with you.

Being able to see the different strands in your community will enable you to determine how best to
target them. What resources do they have available to you? Will the work your chosen cause do
directly benefit them or their families, friends or employees?

Get online

No fundraiser can afford not to be campaigning online in the modern world. Even the smallest of community groups are promoting their events on Facebook or raising money through a Justgiving
account, proving that online fundraising is more popular than ever.

The reason most people choose it as it is easy to do and more convenient than organising collection
boxes and collecting sponsorship forms. Going door to door in the rain is no longer necessary, when
you can set up a website and get your message out to even more people from the comfort of your

There are some great tips on raising money for charity over on Charity Box’s site, a web design
company that builds websites specifically for charities.

So, whatever you decide to do, best of luck! Deciding to raise money for charity means you’re doing
something great to make the world a little bit better - and you should be totally proud of yourself
for that. Let us know in the comments if you’ve ran a successful fundraising campaign and feel free to share any tips you may have!

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