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16 October 2019

4 Clear Signs Your Tyres Need To Be Replaced

Cars have become an almost inseparable part of our lives and we are often totally dependent on them for our commute. But even when we know they are extremely important for our safety, we ignore our car tyres to a great extent and continue to use the old and worn out ones - just to avoid breaking the bank. But if we talk about long term, this negligence only magnifies the repair costs because if tyres are not performing, they tarnish the overall vehicle performance too. For example you live in Birmingham and you want to travel out of town by road for a business trip - you need to make sure your tyres are in good condition otherwise you will face inconvenience.

You can follow this simple 4 step checklist to know if this is the right time to make a tyre replacement.

4 Clear Signs Your Tyres Need To Be Replaced

Seeing Unusual Bulges

If you see uneven bulges in your tyres surface that means that they are in the depreciating state and continuing to drive with them will be very dangerous. Inspect the surface carefully and you should be able to find any bulges or cracks.

More fuel consumption when driving in local areas

If your vehicle is losing its fuel efficiency then you might want to check the health of the tyres and timely replace them because bad tyres cause the vehicle to use more fuel. If you talk about local areas like Birmingham, having bad tyres and driving a vehicle which is not fuel efficient will ultimately cost you dearly. In case you are looking to buy tyres in Birmingham – Point S website has a huge variety. Replacing your tyres on time is going to save you from a lot of trouble.

Compromised Tread depth

If tread depth is not according to the desired standards then the right amount of friction will not be created and your car will lose its balance on the road. If you are not sure about how to check the tread depth you can take the help of experts or find tutorials online.

Sensing a mis-alignment in your wheels

If your wheels are not aligned properly then you also have to ask an expert if it is better to simply get a wheel alignment service or replace the tyres altogether.


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