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10 October 2019

The Real Cost of Your Commute (and How to Drive it Down)

Do you spend several hours every week travelling to and from work? As well as the time it takes you, there’s also the cost; a recent study from Totaljobs revealed that the average UK employee spends £146 a month commuting - which comes to a whopping £135,871 by the time you come to retire.

That monthly spend is over double for workers heading into London. On top of petrol, parking and daily train tickets, there’s the unforgotten costs like vehicle wear and tear and even coffees at the station - all of which eat into your wage on a daily basis. Some commuters may need to look into other financial routes to cover their travel arrangements on top of other essentials.

Thankfully, there are simple ways to make it cheaper. Try these four tips to drive down your commuting costs.

sunrise commute to work

Consider alternative transport methods

If you’re driving miles and miles every day, are there more economical ways to make your way in? Train season tickets for example can work out cheaper in some cases and may even be subsidised by your workplace. You’ll skip the traffic and have time to get ahead on your emails, too.

When driving really is the only option, car sharing can save you money and liven up the journey. You’ll be able to split petrol and parking costs with your passenger - and may be able to make a new friend along the way.

Get active

If your commute is a little shorter, could it be time to stretch your legs? Many companies offer Cycle to Work schemes that allow you to purchase a new bike at a discounted rate. Even if you only take to the saddle a couple of days a week, you’ll still be saving money — and fitting in some exercise too.

For those who are less confident on two wheels, walking is a far more economical and environmentally friendly method than jumping in a car or taxi.

Working from home working remotely

Remote working

Aided in part by technology, flexible office spaces and faster internet speeds, more and more UK companies are introducing remote working options to cut down on commuting times and costs for their employees.

If your company hasn’t quite caught up, you’ll stand a better chance of driving change if your employer trusts you and knows you can maintain the same standard of work from another 

Drive smarter

If all else fails and you’re stuck behind the wheel alone every day, there are simple adjustments you can make to your driving to shave pennies of your petrol bills.

That includes ensuring your tyres are pumped up appropriately, getting rid of excess weight from the boot and setting off earlier to avoid sitting in traffic. It’s also beneficial to avoid slamming down on the accelerator or brake and changing speed more gradually instead.

Would you benefit from spending a little less on your way to work? Trial some of the tips above and see where they can get you.


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