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18 March 2020

Encouraging Kids to Wash Their Hands - 5 Top Tips

We all know how important it is to wash our hands but little ones can often forget to or deliberately avoid doing so. Whether it's because they are too keen to return to playing with their friends, they're desperate to tuck into their snack or even due to the fact that they have difficulty reaching the taps, it's up to the bigger bunch to ensure that they keep their digits dirt free.

Hopefully these 5 tips will help to encourage your kids to keep their hands clean.

Encouraging kids to wash their hands 5 top tips

The soap itself
If children are involved with selecting the product themselves, or if you intentionally pick one with a scent or character on that they will really like, they will naturally be more inclined to use it. Opt for something bright, an interesting shape or with a toy inside if necessary. It's all about building good habits and making hand washing more appealing.

The equipment
Make sure that they can reach the sink and if not get them a step or stool. Help them to turn the taps on and off if it's a struggle (possibly replacing them if it's going to be an issue in the long run) and if you choose hand wash over a block of soap try to pick one with an easy to use dispenser. All of these ideas just make the process a lot easier and quicker so they will be more willing to give it a go with minimal fuss.

All children appreciate praise. If they are rewarded with a sticker (or even just a kind word) they will associate cleaning their hands with feeling happy and proud and it will therefore soon become routine. You could even provide something bigger as an incentive, if you feel that they've put in plenty of effort, although just a checklist alone may provide the sense of achievement they need to continue.

Do they know why they need to wash their hands? Do they know how to do it properly? You may need to go back to basics and speak to them about germs so they understand the importance in the procedure and how frequently it's required. Afterall, they probably won't want to risk getting ill either if they know that could be an outcome of poor hand hygiene.

Make it fun
Get them to design a poster as a reminder or perhaps ask them to trace around their fingers, cut it out and stick it beside the sink so they can give themselves a high five every time they've washed and dried their hands successfully! You can also wash your hands with them as they learn by example or simply create a simple and catchy song (approx 20 seconds in length is recommended) so that the task seems less like a chore.

Encouraging kids to wash their hands 5 top tips

Have you got anything to add to the list?

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