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16 February 2020

Updating Your Home On A Budget

From time to time I like a little change. It might be a splash of fresh paint on the walls or skirting boards, some new furniture or just rearranging what already exists within a room for an alternative layout. It's a great way to make your home feel a bit different without needing to spend a small fortune.

If you're looking to do similar this summer these tips may be just what you're looking for...

  • If your walls are fairly bare and neutral in colour you can make a feature wall as a focal point with some patterned paper or by adding a beautiful mural. These methods save time as you don't need to decorate an entire space and it therefore saves your pennies too. Some websites even allow you to transfer your favourite photos onto paper to pop up so you can really personalise it - which is ideal for children's bedrooms in particular.

  • You could be surprised by how much of a difference changing your lighting can make. Try replacing chandeliers and multi-bulb fittings to spotlights for a modern look or update the colour of your shades to pastels to provide a relaxed feel in your room. Dimmer switches are great for altering the mood and lava lamps or aquariums can add to the atmosphere too.

  • Picking up a new sofa can give your lounge area an updated look as it's often the furniture which stands out the most in your home. You can change a room from being classic in appearance to something more contemporary by switching to a leather corner suite from a two piece fabric version, by adding some throws (which also help to cover any marks from kids and pets) or by getting key items reupholstered if they are in good enough condition to keep.

  • By changing one quite big aspect of a room, the flooring, you can really transform the entire look to make it appear bigger and brighter. Whether you swap to an easy to clean laminate or a lighter coloured carpet, which is actually incredibly easy to lay if you wanted to do it yourself, it can provide beautiful results. It can also make your housework easier as you can often just grab a broom for a quick sweep instead of requiring a vacuum cleaner.

  • Adding a couple of accessories can draw the eye to areas that generally don't stand out or draw eyes away from the parts of a room you want to hide! Vases of vibrant flowers, mirrors, canvas prints, ornaments and other pieces are generally low cost but can make a significant change.

What low cost tips do you have for the home?

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