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25 February 2021

3 Things Young Families Should Consider Before Moving House

Moving house or buying your first house is never particularly easy regardless of your age or experience. For young families, it’s certainly a big ask, transferring your entire life and all your belongings across - not to mention the cost of doing so can be increasingly high, especially in light of unforeseen circumstances.

In simple terms, the average house move in the UK tends to land on an estimate of around £8,800, right up to £12,000 - although, this figure does vary significantly depending on where you previously lived or where you’re looking to live in the future. Certain things are difficult to circumvent; stamp duty for example. However, there are absolutely things you can do to drive down the cost of moving as a younger family who might be doing so for the first time. 

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Heavy Lifting

The removal cost is usually non-negotiable for a larger or older family. In simple terms, they have more possessions to move and disposable income is likely to be less of an issue. However, as a smaller or younger family, it’s unlikely you’re going to want to - and perhaps need to - shell out the cost of van, trucks and, man-hours. Asking family or friends who can provide vehicles or help with the heavy lifting is an easy fix and can save you some cash, especially if you’re moving within city limits or short distances.     

Weighing Up Your Options 

It’s a given that you’ll be considering mortgages well before you decide to move, however, the way you go about it can have an impact on the amount you’ll end up spending. The mortgage industry is typically a complex one, and historically, first-time homeowners would have relied on consultants or using their local bank branch. However, the rise of digital mortgage comparison platforms can save you not only time, but also potentially hundreds of pounds on your annual mortgage payments. In the same way that using your inner circle to physically move can cut out an unnecessary middleman, it’s recommended to visit a comparison platform before making a final decision. Not only that, but many will also support those seeking remortgaging services too. 

Switching Suppliers

Energy bills are inevitably going to be lower down the list of things immediately tended to as you move home. However, the reality is that the moment you move in, if you’ve not addressed those issues, you’re going to need to decide whether you want to stick with an existing supplier or move on. Several digital comparison and switching apps and sites are readily available, as well as those with more ethical roots if you’re keen to support a good cause while you pay.

The process of moving house is unlikely to be easy, as we’ve mentioned, but it doesn’t have to be as tough on your wallet as it can be loading all your belongings onto the moving truck. As you embark on your next adventure, and a new chapter of you and your families’ lives, having a few extra pounds in your pocket is never a bad thing. More importantly, it’s money that you can spend on the things that truly matter to you and your family.

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