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19 March 2012

A Day in London - Disney on Ice and the Natural History Museum

Disney on Ice Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs

The kids are very much into Disney films, as am I, so I was delighted when we were provided with a family press ticket to see the Princesses and Heroes Disney on Ice tour at Wembley Arena. As London isn't that local to us we decided to make a full day of it - we parked at the Arena first thing and caught a train from the Arena to the Natural History Museum. The the train journey itself was a bit of an adventure for the Mini Mes really as usually we just drive to family attractions!

The train was just over £15 return for the 4 of us. The queue to get into the museum was short considering it was mid morning on a Sunday and it was only a few minutes before we entered and were faced with a huge dinosaur skeleton. The kids loved this as I don't think they actually realised just how big the prehistoric beasts were. They were completely amazed!

Natural History Museum Londone Dinosaur Skeleton

It was rather busy inside although this wasn't really an issue. We enjoyed several hours, including lunch, before catching the train back ready for the show. The museum is split into several floors and sections and is a fun yet educational experience. We managed to handle teeth and eggs of dinosaurs and Moomin even held fossilised pooh much to her disgust when she found out!

It was a beautiful spring day so we grabbed ice creams before entering the arena for the 2.45pm Disney on Ice showing. We were then escorted to our seats by a very helpful and polite attendant. We had a great view from our seats as they were directly in front of the ice stage so I was very impressed. The setting was fantastic with a wonderfully created castle to the rear.

It wasn't long until the start of the show was announced on the speaker and everyone quietened down in anticipation. Lights dimmed and Tinkerbell made her entrance!

Disney on Ice Tour Stage

The show was spectacular from the start to the very end and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. The kids sat silently in complete awe at the stunts and jumps on the ice by the cast and only spoke at the interval to request food and drink! All the characters were great on the ice (despite a few expected slips) and I had to try very hard not to sing along to all my favourite Disney songs... much to the Mini Mes embarrassment.

The lighting was wonderful as were the costumes. There was one scene in particular during the story of Sleeping Beauty which involved a fire breathing dragon which was truly awesome. Many jaws dropped at this point including mine.

Disney on Ice Tour Prince Philip and Maleficent Fire breathing Dragon

The show was around 2 hours in length with a 15 minute interval which I felt was perfect for the younger audience. It allowed time to restock on snacks and a quick toilet break too.
As the sets were altered there were appearances from Mickey and Minnie, Goofy and Tinkerbell to keep the entertainment going also which was lovely.

We would definitely recommend going and I intend to book tickets for the Disney on Ice tours in the future. A great family day out!

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  1. looks fab, I wish we had gone. xx

  2. That looks amazing! I wish I had had opportunity to go! x

  3. Fantastic! Must do this soon!


  4. would love to take my kids to see disney on ice it seems magical and my son would love the huge dinosaur skeleton at the museum

  5. Fiona Karbal24/04/2013, 21:22

    The Natural History Museum is also fun for babies. Take them to see colouful small creatures such as the wonderful butterfly collection.

  6. Oh wow! I really wanted to take the kiddies to see this but we couldn't manage to get tickets :( Glad you had a great time!

  7. Would love to see Disney on Ice - looks great, as with everything disney!


  8. This sounds fab,I love Disney,we always used to go to Disney on Ice shows when I was a kid

  9. would have loved to have seen disney on ice my kids would have enjoyed anything disney

  10. We love the free museums in london

  11. Looks like you enjoyed yourselves there!

  12. Looks like you had a wonderful day out. I'm very keen on Disney and trying to save enough to take my daughter to Florida next year :)

  13. Looks fab. My sister took my niece to see Disney Princesses on ice and said it was brilliant :)

  14. looks really good anf fun

  15. I love the Natural History Museum and will definitely be taking my son when he is a bit older. Disney on ice looks really good. I think it would be great fun for all of us :)

  16. Having been to both, I can recommend both of these, the boys loved them.

  17. This looks really interesting, would love take my granddaughter one day.

  18. Seems you all had a great day out. The Natural History Museum is great for a visit. Fascinating and entertaining for children and adults. Disney on ice shows are wonderful. Would love to attend a show with the young family members. A few years since we have been, and the youngest is still to be introduced to the Wonder of these shows.

    Rachel Craig


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