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21 June 2012

Monster Pet Supplies - Pet review

Our family doesn't only consist of the Mini Mes, the Mr and I - the pets are important to us too!

We were lucky enough to have been sent two products for the cats, Peppa and Daisy, to review from Monster Pet Supplies and from their reactions they were very impressed with what they received.

The items arrived in lovely packaging. Green to match the cute logo and packed with tissue paper for an added touch. It felt like they cared about providing good service. I think this makes a big difference when shopping online, delivery times and the appearance of your items need to be good, which they were.

There was a little note to the cats inside with the items and we were pleased to see a soft and fluffy toy and some catnip spray inside to test.

KONG Kickeroo - £4.22


Cats love to hunt, roll and scratch and this toy is ideal. With it's different textures and crinkle noise when squeezed it is interesting and it keeps the cats entertained. The material is soft and it's the perfect size for the cats to play with and wrestle.

It contains 'premium North American catnip' and the cats were attracted from the moment it was unwrapped. From playing for some time I would say that it's quite a robust item as it didn't seem to snag easily even been clawed and nibbled. I was pleased with the quality and value for money.

The kickeroo comes in a variety of styles so there is something to suit every taste - even a cute pink one!

KONG Naturals Catnip Spray - £4.32

This definately got the cats moving thats for sure - they became very playful in a matter of seconds after a spritz of this catnip spray! It's a great, natural product to get the cats interested in their toys, scratching posts, teasers or even balls and helps to prevent them from climbing the curtains and attacking the carpet as it keeps them occupied.

The smell wasn't particularly pleasant initially, perhaps my fault for spraying quite a bit to try it out, so I would suggest taking the item outside to spray and then placing it back indoors to help keep the scent minimal. The cats loved it though, which is what really matters, and it really perked them up and gave them some well needed exercise (they do like to just lay on top of the tv or on the chairs!). It was like renewing all of their old toys, they soon had an interest in items they hadn't played with in some time and I think because the spray is made from concentrated catnip oil a little will go a long way.

It was easy to apply with no mess and the cap keeps it secure. A great buy.

Monster Pet Supplies stock over 20,000 products at low, affordable prices. Having had a look at their site it's easy to navigate around and they even accept paypal!


  1. A huge thanks to yourself, Peppa and Daisy for giving these products a try, I'm glad they were such a hit - cats seem to really love the Kickeroo especially! Daisy is a very dainty little kitty, love the picture :)

    Thank you,
    Charlotte@Monster x

  2. This company is great! They gave great advice on helping me choose, then buy, a bed for our pup! Our cats and dog love Kong toys too!

  3. I've ordered loads from them for my pets this Christmas!


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