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02 July 2012

Meal Planning Monday

I really enjoyed a bit more variety last week with the meals but with a busy weekend consisting of Ice Age 4, shopping, lunch out and a hen party I didn't have much time to sit and plan or go through recipes this week. We literally thought of a few dinners on the way back from town quickly before Tesco shut at 4pm!

Monday - Fish cakes, potatoes and veg

Tuesday - Chicken tikka masala

Wednesday - Lasagne

Thursday - Garlic kievs, southern fried wedges and peas

Friday - Pizza and garlic bread (heading to a wedding reception in the evening so something quick)

Saturday and Sunday the kids are with their dad so we will probably have salmon and gnocchi bake then eat out the other day.

Minxy making last weeks lamb koftas

For more meal planners or to link up your own you can pop across to At Home With Mrs M


  1. Oh the lamb kofta's look nice :-) It's great to get the kids helping love it that mine like to help out.

  2. Loving the look of your menu this week.

    Do you mind if I join you?

    1. Of course not :) Anyone is welcome to do it x

  3. I have fishcakes on my menu this week too! It looks like a good week even if it was a last minute scribble. You can't beat a lasagne and a chicken tikka masala.

  4. Not bad for a hastily thought out meal plan! All sounds delicious.

  5. That is good going for a quick plan, lots of tasty meals there. I can take hours of reading books to do mine.


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