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30 July 2012

Monday me #7


The first week of the summer holidays seems to have flown by but despite the Mini Mes being at home pretty much 24/7 I've still managed to squeeze in a little Me Time!

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My Monday Me

The Mini Mes usually go to their dad on a Wednesday but neither wanted to this week so they remained at home, however they went round on the Thursday night instead. The Mr and I enjoyed a lovely evening stroll with the poochie around the local fields. I've actually found an app, Samsung Hope Relay, which is like a walking tracker and for every mile you do they give £1 to charity. You can make your own little person for it too by taking or uploading a picture! It made me feel as though my dog walking efforts in the muddy woods and fields is not only beneficial to me in terms of my health and fitness but to others too!

I've downloaded a selection of new books for my Kindle Touch to read over the next few weeks. They were suggested by friends so I'm not sure if they are my usual taste but I like to go on recommendations.

Snowflakes in June - Emily Britton
A million little pieces - James Fray
Dirty game - Jessie Keane
What will survive - Mark Gartside
The house of women - Anne Brear
The secret diary of a single mum - Katherine Williams

Have you read any of these? What did you think?

What have you done for you this week?

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  1. What a fab app! I walk to work every day so I'm going to download it now. Great idea. Sounds like you had a lovely week too :)

    1. Hope you manage to raise some £. If you let me know your username I can cheer you along on it :) x

  2. I've read a million little pieces, its amazing, my favourite book! I hope you enjoy it :)

    1. Thankies :) Will prob pop a review up when Im done x

  3. I love that app, what a great idea. Tonight my other half is out watching rugby so once the little one was asleep i steamed my face and painted my nails. Feeling very groomed! x

  4. What a great app. Pleased that I have finally linked up!


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