04 October 2017

7 Tips for Beautiful Hair this Autumn

At this time of year, which sees the return of the cooler weather, our beautiful tresses can often suffer becoming dry, brittle and losing shine, but keeping your hair in great condition need not be as difficult as you think. These 7 simple tips should certainly help to keep your locks looking luscious until the arrival of spring - there is minimal effort involved too...

If you're entering the season with hair that is already damaged from the summer sun and chlorine filled pools you may want to work on repairing it before the cold wind and rain worsens it. Look at purchasing some hot oil treatments or masks to deeply moisturise your hair. These can usually be used once or twice a week and they can really improve the condition.

20 September 2017

LEGO Ninjago Party Planning with Cineworld

Planning a birthday celebration can be great fun but with lots of small children to cater for it can often become loud and a little messy - so take the easy option this year and head to Cineworld! 

With so many amazing films due to be released in the run up to Christmas, including the Lego Ninjago movie which Jamster in particular is incredibly excited to see, a traditional party can become a trip out with lots of tasty themed snacks to enjoy and no cleaning up necessary.

Brownies are a family favourite and I make a batch or two nearly every Sunday afternoon. They're warm, crisp yet gooey, with big chocolate chunks, so I decided to cook my usual recipe and make them into Lego blocks to match the movie. Simple yet so delicious. They will be great to take to the cinema in a Tupperware container to nibble on or wrap in cellophane and pop into loot bags for afterwards.

14 September 2017

Colic Awareness Month

Parenthood is a rewarding and joyful experience and with September being the busiest month for births there will be lots of mums and dads beginning their adventure within the next few days.

No doubt they will have their nursery decorated beautifully for taking their new arrival home, storage units stacked with neatly folded sleepsuits and nappies, but I wonder if they will they will be prepared for colic? According to a recent survey as many as 1 in 3 British mothers had never heard of this ailment, which affects as many as 140,000 babies each year, so it's certainly a topic that should be more openly discussed.

22 August 2017

Keeping the Kids Hydrated with Highland Spring

As quite an active family that loves to travel and take part in new activities, hydration plays a vital role in our day to day lives. Saying that, being incredibly busy we can sometimes forget to consume enough fluids so this summer I've been particularly eager to ensure the Mini Mes get plenty of water with the help of Highland Spring.

Highland Spring have launched their #BraveByNature campaign which focuses on the natural drive in children to succeed without anything getting in their way and the importance of staying hydrated to do so. We received a huge crate of water, the only drink with no calories, sugar, preservatives or additives, to help make dehydration a thing of the past for the Mini Mes' first fishing trip and beyond!

11 August 2017

WIN Lunch Goodies From Tum Tum

TUM TUM is an innovative and multi award winning brand on a mission to make mealtimes a breeze for tots with eye-catching designs and cleaver little design features integrated into every product.

The Ladybird Lunchbag, Nesting Snackpots, Lunch Set and Water Bottle from the 'Bugs' range are fun, practical and utterly unique... PLUS there's a chance to win them all below!

09 August 2017

WIN a Year’s Subscription to Azoomee

Azoomee is a digital entertainment service for primary school-aged kids offering TV shows, games, audio-books and an art studio all in one safe app, allowing users to watch, play and learn online. 

The app’s partnership with the NSPCC means parents can relax in the knowledge their kids are secure from harmful content, ads and hidden in-app purchases, whilst the company’s focus on engaging users curiosity means Azoomee has curated only the most educational and exciting selection of content. 

07 August 2017

WIN a Month's Supply of Piccolo Pouches

If your little ones are starting school or nursery for the first time this September, or returning for another year, you may be looking for delicious and healthy meal ideas and Piccolo is perfect! 

They provide tasty and convenient pouches which are ideal for school lunch boxes, an afternoon snack or as a dinner, saving us busy mums and dads valuable time in the kitchen.