30 October 2014

Eyeball Cake Pops

31st October is all about the treats and these cake pops will certainly hit the spot. With a soft sponge centre combined with delicious frosting and a white chocolate coating they are frightfully delightful. 

We were sent some of the ingredients and a recipe from Rangemaster for National Chocolate Week but as they arrived a little later we transformed a standard cake pop into something suitable for the next big event on our calendar; Halloween!

29 October 2014

Broken Glass Cupcakes

Halloween is just on the horizon and to celebrate there will be plenty of tricks and treats being made and eaten across the country, including a frightening feast of our own. These broken glass cupcakes are quite deceiving as they are completely edible! They are really effective for your buffet table and more importantly they are delicious.

Halloween with Yankee Candle

The gooey toasted marshmallow scent of this Ghostly Treats Halloween candle is incredible; nothing I've smelt has been as authentic as the food itself! The sweet aroma is mild but it smells almost edible and it is so inviting. I actually love it and it has been lit daily over the past few weeks.

28 October 2014

Self Confidence and Embarrassing Parents

It seems as though the older the Mini Mes get the less cringe worthy things they say and the more embarrassing I become as a parent. Apparently. I've recently been told that I'm not allowed a kiss goodbye at school anymore because;

Spooky Pizza *Guest Post*

I am very excited to be writing a guest post for The Mini Mes and Me!

Here is our Spooky Pizza, I hope you like it. It is our first attempt at a cooking post, and it was really very funny watching Mummy and my big brother and sister making the pizza. I don't know if I should say, but there were 3 attempts at a vlog for this, but they were a big fail. Mummy was so stressed out.

Anyway, we followed a recipe from the October Tesco magazine. Our pizzas did not turn out like the picture, but they were delicious.

27 October 2014

Ensure You're In Safe Hands: Keeping Healthy This Winter

It’s important, as the cold weather quickly draws in, that you take precautions to ensure you and your family stay healthy. As fuel bills rise and we try to resist switching the heating on, you should be looking at ways to stay healthy over the cooler months until spring rolls around again.

Winter is a time of year when we are more prone to getting sick and suffering with flu like symptoms. Children and older people are much more vulnerable to illness over this period, so make sure you take the first step to staying healthy by protecting yourself from their symptoms.

Halloween Cupcakes With a Violet Glaze *Guest Post*

25 October 2014

Winter Warmers from Whittard

They say the way to a mans heart is through his stomach but that's pretty much the way to get to mine too! I love fine food and drink so I was thrilled to receive a hamper of delectable delights from Whittard last week to celebrate National Chocolate Week. Not only were they ideal for the occasion but with it being autumn, and with winter on the way, hot chocolates and marshmallows are great to enjoy in the evenings by the fire to warm you up.

23 October 2014

Family Fun with Food *WIN*

Cooking is a great way for kids to get creative while having fun and learning valuable life skills.
With it being National Chocolate Week last week we were very excited to receive a Make and Melt kit from Choc on Choc, which gave us the opportunity to build a white and milk chocolate edible house! I'm not sure who was more pleased, the Mini Mes or my very sweet tooth!

The kit contained:

  • White chocolate buttons 
  • Milk chocolate butons
  • Paper chefs hat
  • Moulds for the house and trees
  • Garden scene
  • Instructions

20 October 2014

Family Fashion - A House of Fraser Tea Party

We have quite a few mini things to celebrate at the moment; a successful start to the new academic year, great school reports and a nice break to look forward to in a few weeks time. We decided these were actually reason enough for a little party in the garden before winter arrives (not that an excuse is ever needed), and the lovely peeps over at House of Fraser let us pick out some new clothing. They even teamed their outfits with some goody bags too...

House of Fraser Family Fashion

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