30 August 2014

Caption THIS #4

We all manage to capture a few odd expressions, funny faces or mishaps on camera so why not share them so we can all have a giggle? That's what I will be doing each Saturday and for those that join in by commenting there will be a chance to win some treats each week!

Discovering the Best Super Foods for Your Pet and You

Many people have favourite pet food brands and they will argue that their choice is the best. The discussion about which pet foods are healthiest can be as detailed as what the best fence for dogs is and whether the pet stop invisible fence is at the top of the list. It sounds silly to non-pet people, but those of us who believe our pets are family members are passionate about finding the safest, healthiest products for them.

While the proper containment for your pet is definitely important, even more so is what you feed them. Even buying pet food that is labelled organic or natural may not be the best choice, as government regulations are not that strict about what can be in pet foods that are labelled organic. The only way to be sure your pet is getting the safe, healthy food they deserve is to make it yourself. With the following list of super foods, it will be a snap for you!

28 August 2014

How You Can Get The Most Out Of Childcare - Guest Post

I like to think I have a fair bit of experience when it comes to childcare. My mum became a childminder when I was nine years old. I did my first lot of work experience in a nursery school, and then went on to work in two different nurseries following my graduation from uni.

But when it came to putting my own son into childcare, I found the whole thing a little bit daunting. Despite my experience, how would I know if I’d found the right place for my son? As it turns out we made a pretty bad judgement call! Imagine that – all this experience and we still made a mistake! The worst part was, I was working as the PA to an Early Years’ Consultant, so I should have known better. It wasn’t so much that I was unaware of the issues, but rather I lost the courage and conviction to follow my own instincts. 

That all changed when, after around 6 months, our son’s childminder announced to us that she could no longer look after him because “he just cries the whole time, and clings to me when we’re out, and it’s stressing me out too much. I don’t want you to think I’m being unprofessional...”

27 August 2014

Getting Ready For The New School Year - Guest Post

This summer has just flown by, and as the new school term grows near, it is time to think about getting ready for the new academic year. Top of the list for us is stationery and lunch box organisers, we have already got the uniform all ready so this is the last step to being totally organised.

Having two girls in the house seems to go hand in hand with a love of stationery, so this job is so

26 August 2014

Healthy Snacks and Treats for a Rapid After School Energy Boost - Guest Post

Oh No it’s nearly upon us “Dare I say it” the school summer holidays will be over and the kids have to go back to working hard all day long, while us parents think of unique and amazing ways to keep their energy levels up. I am going to miss my boys that is for sure, but I know they both have a common trait when they come barging back into the house after school. My Kids both instantly head towards the kitchen cupboards looking for a quick fix of treats and snacks to re-energise their weary heads after a long day at school.

Knowing that a lot of the treats and snacks that they both tend to enjoy are usually unhealthy and full of sugar, which has them bouncing of the walls and means they have to work a little harder to

25 August 2014

Fun With Food: Lunch Ideas - Guest Post

Hi! I’m Grace, I’m a mum blogger who enjoys spending time getting creative and having fun with the food I make for my 2 boys. I blog over at Eats Amazing, and I am probably best known for the creative bento-style lunches that I make daily for my older son. One of the comments that I receive often when people see my son’s lunches is “how do you find time to make them?”, but actually, contrary to popular opinion, bento lunches really don’t have to be time-consuming works of art. There are lots of little things that you can do to add a bit of fun to a lunch box without spending hours in the kitchen, and I’m going to share a few of those tips with you in this post. 

Cookie cutters
Most people will have a few cookie cutters lying around in a kitchen draw somewhere, and if you’re willing to invade the toy-box, maybe even some playdough cutters too (don’t forget to give them a good wash before use on food of course!). Use them to cut sandwiches into fun shapes, or use smaller cutters on fruit, vegetables, cheese or ham. In the garden themed lunch below I used cookie cutters to make flower sandwiches, mini cutters to make cucumber trees (with the addition of food picks for the trunks) and melon leaves. The leaves were made with plunger cutters, which work particularly well on melon. If you’re wondering what to do with the crusts that are left after cutting out shaped sandwiches – I whizz mine up to make breadcrumbs and then freeze them until I need them for a meal or recipe. 

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