13 February 2019

5 Safe Valentine's Day Activities for Expectant Mothers

For couples in the first throes of romance, Valentine's day often means romantic treats, dinner dates and the giving of very personal gifts. However, for couples expecting a baby, St Valentine's day is often written off as something that is for the young and free. However, these five Valentine's Day activity ideas prove that romance can blossom during a pregnancy when the big day arrives. 

1. A Maternity Photo-Shoot
Most young couples will wait until their little bundle of joy arrives before thinking about taking some quality photographs, but a pregnancy is part of the journey towards parenthood, and it should be savoured. A romantic way to share a pregnancy with your partner this Valentine's Day is with a maternity photo-shoot. Professional photographers often offer special packages for expectant couples, which sometimes include themed clothing and various backdrops - for a selection of photos that will capture this magical time in your life forever. 

12 February 2019

Valentine's Day: Love Bug Pom Pom Craft

Minxy received lots of beautifully coloured yarn at Christmas so we decided to use some for a themed craft activity while it was wet at the weekend. Valentine's Day is just around the corner and these cute and lovable pom poms are actually really simple to create - we made some as key rings and bag accessories too.


04 October 2018

6 Decorating Trends You Shouldn't Follow

People who are fond of keeping their homes looking beautiful don't often think before heading to the high street and splashing the cash on the latest d├ęcor trends. They like to follow the famous interior designers on Instagram, read relevant home interior blogs and try to keep up with everything fashionable when it comes to their living space.

There are however a collection of trends, from over the years and present times, which are debatably outdated or inappropriate - would you have any of these in your own home?...

1. Panelling

Panelling on walls was once a widely accepted trend but if you have it in your home today then perhaps it’s time for a change. You could replace the panels with some bold colour paint or even some textured-look wallpaper which is currently very popular. Panelling is apparently quite a turn off for prospective buyers so if you're looking to sell it might be best to eliminate it as soon as possible.

02 September 2018

7 Things I've Learnt As A Parent

Since the very first moment I held my newborns in my arms it has been an incredible learning journey. You may think as a parent you're the one teaching your child as you raise them but you certainly do develop and change as a person too. You grow as your little one does.

Here are seven things I've learnt as a parent...

Your best is good enough
Parents really give themselves a hard time but you should know that you're doing a wonderful job and you are a good parent. If you're worrying about how well you're doing that alone is a sign that you care enough to be concerned and you're therefore a pretty good mum or dad.  It's okay for your child to have chicken nuggets and chips from time to time and you shouldn't feel guilty, it's okay to raise your voice or get grumpy when you're sleep deprived and it's okay to leave the dishes on the side for a day. People may judge you at times for your choices on breast/bottle feeding or disposable/cloth nappy usage but if your kids are happy and healthy that's all that matters.

01 September 2018

Two Tone Star Biscuits

It was a bit of a wet and wild bank holiday weekend with plenty of thunder storms across the country, so we decided to stay snug indoors and have some baking fun as a family. While I was busy making moist Madeira cake with Jambo, Moomin made a collection of treats by herself including American style muffins and these delicious two tone stars.

They are really simple to create yet the finish is rather pretty. They also fit in nicely with the return of The Great British Bake Off and the first theme - biscuits!

Two Tone Star Biscuits

(makes 16)

02 April 2018

Chocolate Chip & Rolo Blondies

If you're looking for a chewy and gooey treat that is incredibly simple to make then your search stops here. These slices ooze with chocolate and caramel when cut and they are bound to satisfy any sweet tooth. They are great served warm with ice cream, wrapped in ribbon as a gift or devoured at home by the family as a delicious dessert.

Rolo Blondies stack a delicious recipe

05 March 2018

7 Ways To Improve Your Credit Rating

Looking for a loan and struggling to get accepted? Your credit rating could be to blame! Thankfully there are quite a few ways to improve it so you could find it easier to make those purchases, whether it's a new car, a holiday or some essential furniture for your home, in no time at all...

  • Your credit score is based on the details within your credit reports so it's best to get a copy of these at the earliest opportunity to check that they are accurate. You may find that there are some minor errors, which can greatly affect you score, so you can ensure that these are amended quickly by contacting the relevant creditor.