24 October 2016


To celebrate the cinematic release of TROLLS, the happiest and most joyous adventure from DreamWorks Animation featuring the vocal talents of Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick, we are offering YOU the chance to win some TROLLS goodies! Three lucky winners will receive magnets, a keychain, an activity pack, a yo-yo, a stationery set and more!

Watch the trailer and then answer the question via the Gleam entry form below to be in with a chance of being one of our three lucky winners!

Keeping Pets Healthy in Winter

Autumn and winter is the time for pulling on your wellies and heading out to the countryside but did you know that it is also the height of tick season? Ticks can be a danger to both you and your pet so it’s important to be vigilant in preventing and treating; ticks can carry Lyme disease which, if left untreated, can cause serious health issues. Recent research from Bristol University has shown that ticks are on the rise and, out of 15,000 dogs surveyed, 1 in 3 dogs were found to have a tick. Unfortunately, only one in ten people are aware that the best time to check for ticks is after a walk. 54.1% of dogs are brushed inside (with nearly a fifth – 18.5% - in the lounge, in front of the TV!), so any dirt and pests like ticks will drop off inside – putting the family at risk!

Bob Martin is giving one lucky reader the chance to win a walking bundle to help protect and treat their pets and families this autumn. The pack includes a selection of Bob Martin tick products, a pair of wellies, a walking kit and a Fluff & Spruce Slicka Brush for those important tick checks.

13 October 2016

Earn Points with Pampers

Let’s be honest, changing nappies isn’t exactly our favourite pastime and as a mum of two, aunt and godmother I've changed more than my share over the last few years! However, Pampers have come up with a great way to turn the moment when you spot that familiar #pooface into a far more enjoyable experience - they’ve launched an exciting new app called Pampers Club which rewards you when you purchase Pampers. So poop now means prizes!

12 October 2016

The Importance of Dental Hygiene for Dogs

Spartan turns 5 this month and ever since the day we collected him from a small farm in Northamptonshire he has been a big part of our family. He has two walks every day, come rain or shine, to stay fit and healthy and he regularly travels with us when we go for breaks away or holidays - we have just returned from a long weekend in Norfolk where he joined us. He sneaks up the stairs most mornings to pounce on our king-size bed and he snuggles up on the sofa with us most evenings to watch a movie.

He is such a loving and funny ball of fluff and I can't imagine life without him now.

Apart from plenty of exercise and a good diet, dental hygiene is incredibly important when it comes to our pets. From running around with dirty balls and soggy sticks in his mouth to enjoying the occasional treat, we need to ensure his teeth are kept in tip top condition to prevent any discomfort or loss. 

Spartan has been putting a Pedigree dental care product to to the test over the past few weeks and he has really enjoyed doing so!

07 October 2016

Seafood Week - A Recipe Idea and Giveaway

Fish is not only low in fat and a great source of protein, it contains Omega 3 which benefits the heart, so incorporating fillets or shellfish into your family meals each week is a wise choice. As 7th-14th October sees the return of Seafood Week why not pop a fish dish onto your meal planner? 

Fish is the dish competitions #seafoodweek

06 October 2016

When Dreams Become Reality

With a dream to become a vet and a love of art, Minxy was rather excited to take part in a challenge from Petplan Equine Insurance to draw a horse, with the only limit being her imagination. 

She picked up her pens and some paper and got to work designing a variety of magical animals, with iridescent manes, unicorn horns and brightly coloured coats ready to be transformed into a real soft toy for her to treasure. What a lovely idea.

The Mini Mes and Me Petplan Equine Insurance

29 September 2016

15 Spooktacular Halloween Cupcake Ideas

Halloween is fast approaching and preparing a frightening feast for your family will ensure the night is truly spooktacular! These cupcakes will look amazing on your table this October, or given away as treats to anyone that comes knocking, so why not give one of the 15 recipes a go!