23 August 2014

Caption THIS #3

We all manage to capture a few odd expressions, funny faces or mishaps on camera so why not share them so we can all have a giggle? That's what I will be doing each Saturday and for those that join in by commenting there will be a chance to win some treats each week!

22 August 2014

A Bathroom Makeover

Despite a mini makeover recently, our bathroom has been in desperate need of a proper renovation for some time. The decor was pretty horrendous when I moved in with blue and yellow aztec wallpaper (who chose this stuff?!), wonky floor boards that needed levelling, a small bath which was far too short for my 34" legs and in general it was very tired in appearance.

It has been a long 7 weeks with a new kitchen being fitted, roof insulation being added plus a full rewire but our new bathroom has finally been sorted and I love it. Hip hip hooray!

I opted for a minimalistic look with white paint on the freshly plastered walls and ceiling, a white suite and white tiles. It makes the room look bright and fresh but enables me to add my own accessories back in (I do love a bit of red and sparkles) to personalise it. Being completely white it

Summer Scents from Yankee Candle

Certain scents always remind me of summer; freshly cut grass, BBQs and of course juicy fruit. Having your favourite aromas all year round would be lovely and I've discovered with Yankee Candle you can! Their beautifully fragranced candles for your home can provide a little bit of the season, every day.

This Juicy Watermelon candle has a deliciously fruity smell and it will burn for between 110-150 hours. It has a retail price of £19.99 which I feel is good value especially considering the quality of the product and the life span of the candle. If you lit it for an hour a day that's around 4-5 months supply! 

20 August 2014

WIN a Playskool Heroes Set

This amazing Spider-Man playset (RRP £39.99) comes with a special edition Spider-Man figure and his speedy racer vehicle for web slingin’ fun.

Kids can save the day as Spidey races down the ramp and leaps from his bike onto the swing bar of the crane to capture the villain Electro.

18 August 2014

Cookie Cups Recipe

We received some lovey Nigella Lawson Measuring Cups from Red Candy and what better way to test them is there than with a recipe from Nigella's website? These chocolate chip cookies are simply delicious, possibly the best I've ever made.

 We decided to make a batch to transform into cookie cups which can hold a scoop of ice cream perfectly. It is the summer holiday after all so it's a good excuse to indulge and double the treat! 

Cookie Cups

1/2 cup of butter (4oz)
1/2 cup caster sugar (3.5oz)
1/2 cup brown sugar (3.5oz)

“Where to Put It All?” - Computer Storage Options

In this data-driven day and age, finding a computer with sufficient storage is a nightmare. Family holiday photographs, backups, music, films, files and who knows what seem to cause your computer to fill up within just a couple of months of use. 

Luckily, there are some solutions to the problem. Below are some of the options for extra computer storage for you and your family. 

External hard drives
The internal hard disk drive stores information files like photos, videos, documents and music. When your computer's hard drive is running low on space, you can buy an external hard drive which plugs into your computer and can store extra files, along with a backup of the computer's files too. This is also really useful if you need to quickly transport files from one computer to another. 

They're also really easy to install: usually all you need to do is plug it into the computer and plug in the power cord if your new hard drive has one. Sometimes you might need to install software, but

Finding Love as a Single Parent

There are many reasons why people end up as single parents, from relationship breakdowns to the death of a partner. Life can be unpredictable sometimes, but just because you’ve one or more kids doesn’t mean you can’t pursue a romantic relationship. So, if you’re looking for that special someone and are ready for a new start, check out these useful tips.

Sign up to a dating website
Online dating is bang on trend these days with people from all walks of life logging on to find love. Dating websites are plentiful and with a wealth of profiles to browse you’re sure to find someone who piques your interest. Not good at writing about yourself or hate the thought of describing your best bits in the hope of a date? Then why not get a friend to do it for you? Sites like mysinglefriend.com allow a buddy to set up your profile adding a unique twist to your dating

14 August 2014

Discovering the Best Super Foods for Your Pet and You

Many people have favourite pet food brands and they will argue that their choice is the best. The discussion about which pet foods are healthiest can be as detailed as what the best fence for dogs is and whether the pet stop invisible fence is at the top of the list. It sounds silly to non-pet people, but those of us who believe our pets are family members are passionate about finding the safest, healthiest products for them.

While the proper containment for your pet is definitely important, even more so is what you feed them. Even buying pet food that is labelled organic or natural may not be the best choice, as government regulations are not that strict about what can be in pet foods that are labelled organic. The only way to be sure your pet is getting the safe, healthy food they deserve is to make it yourself. With the following list of super foods, it will be a snap for you!

12 August 2014

10 Most Dangerous Distracted Driving Habits

Habits are those actions we do almost automatically, at times without having to think about them. Good habits are useful as we need not think of every single thing we need to do; it just comes naturally. These habits include checking if the doors are locked before driving the car, or checking the brakes and the engine before driving off. On the other hand, bad habits are those actions that can lead to accidents and mishaps, even fatal ones. Here are some bad driving habits that lead to distracted driving, the leading cause of traffic accidents in the UK. 

1. Texting or Calling
Between the two, calling seems to be the lesser evil due to the advent of hands-free calling. However, texting still requires the use of the fingers when tapping a message on mobile phones, and also forces drivers to take their eyes off the road. And though glancing at the phone can be done in a second or two, a vehicle careening through the motorway would have travelled a long strip of road in those

11 August 2014

Dinky Jam Doughnuts

You can coat them in sugar, drizzle sauce over them, dip them in chocolate or fill them with soft warm apples. There are just so many different ways to enjoy doughnuts.
We were recently sent some new Robinsons Fruit Shoot jams to put to the test and the first thing I that came to mind was doughnuts - so we decided to make some!

Miniature in size these are perfect for picnics or parties. 

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