04 March 2015

Fun Science: How to Make a Dough Volcano

Jamster had a natural disaster school project to complete over the half term break and after the initial tuts and sighs about homework in the holiday he was very keen to get stuck in. He actually enjoyed it far more than he expected and I know he felt proud once it was complete knowing that he had put time and effort in to create it himself.

I thought I'd share the details on how it was made so you can give it a go at home too! I feel by using dough instead of card or paper mache it looks quite textured and therefore more realistic.

What you will need

Top Tips For Heating Your Home

With snow storms, high winds and plunging temperatures likely to hit the UK over the next few weeks, keeping our heating systems in tip top condition is more important than ever. New research by EDF Energy reveals that over 1 in 4 boilers have broken down without being insured, with the average cost of repair racking up an eye watering £314 bill. As a result, as many as two fifths of Brits would have to borrow money to cover the cost or have no choice but to go without heating if their boiler broke down. For the elderly, those with small children or the severely unwell in particular, this could even prove fatal so it's definitely best to be prepared.

To help avoid unnecessary costs and discomfort this winter, EDF Energy have pulled together some top tips to prevent boiler breakdown.

03 March 2015

At Home With House of Fraser

Last year we had a beautiful new kitchen fitted and I've been looking for a few finishing touches recently. It's the little things like matching place mats, colour coded electricals, vases, plus other pretty accessories that really complete the look and bring it all together, isn't it? 

House of Fraser have far more homeware products than I realised and I had a really nice time browsing the website for a few bits. I've already picked up some new plates and cutlery but these cute red stoneware Linea Maison egg cups were great value and a nice addition to the table for breakfast; just £3.60 for a set of 4.

Being red they compliment the kitchen well too.

Have an Egg-ceptional Easter with Guylian (and your chance to WIN)

In keeping with tradition, Guylian, the world’s favourite Belgian chocolatier, has a delectable range of Easter gifts that are sure to delight the taste buds and make this Easter eggs-tra special. 

Below is the new Guylian 2015 Easter range which is perfect for sharing or treating yourself - 
and you can win the entire collection in my giveaway!

02 March 2015

Mini Makes #2 - Muffin Breakfast Cups

With Mother's Day in mind, this simple idea transforms a standard breakfast into something a little more special and compact; it would make a nice meal to serve to mum on the 15th.

It's also great for those families that are often short on time in the morning as you can make these in advance and reheat as and when required. You can also adapt the recipe to suit your own taste by adding mushrooms, sausage or even beans. Whatever you fancy!

25 February 2015

WIN a Star Wars Command Bundle (featuring more than 90 different figures and vehicles!)

The new Star Wars Command line lets kids (including the young at heart) finally take command of the greatest battles in Star Wars history! Kids can pit huge armies of collectible-sized figures and vehicles against each other to determine the fate of the galaxy. Combining classic army play with collectability and innovative action features, Star Wars Command puts control of the Star Wars saga in kids’ hands like never before!

Star Wars Command Millennium Falcon Set

Take control of one of the most iconic vehicles in the Star Wars universe, the Millennium Falcon, and launch it into battle! The Star Wars Command Millennium Falcon set comes with 24 permanently posed and collectible-sized figures which includes 22 soldiers and two specially detailed Generals - plus six vehicles on stands and two special Strikers that kids can rev-up and release!

Also included in the bundle is:
  • Star Wars Command Epic Assault
  • Star Wars Command Sandtrooper Strike
  • Star Wars Command Death-Star Strike
  • Star Wars Command Final Battle

24 February 2015

An Unmissable Children's Book Tour (Plus Your Chance To Win)

Reading is a great way to inspire little imaginations, educate and have fun as a family. Snuggling up and sharing a story before bed is a routine that many parents enjoy with their children each night and one that I experienced as a child too. The Mini Mes still ask me to read to them from time to time and I'm more than happy to pick up a book and put on some funny voices for the characters!

Scottish Friendly Children's Book Tour (organised by Scottish Book Trust) takes the very best UK and international authors directly into schools across Scotland and the UK to inspire a love of reading, writing and illustration. Last year the book tour travelled from as north as the Highlands to as far south as Brighton, encouraging children to pick up a book instead of technology.

23 February 2015

Work Options For Parents

When planning a family it's vital to think about childcare and whether or not you will be taking a break from work to raise your child(ren). For many it's not a feasible option financially so they opt for childminders and nurseries to look after their little ones, but that can be costly which again creates questions about what is best for you. Some parents may not wish to stay at home after maternity leave as they enjoy their careers too much to part with, whereas some mums and dads have an amazing support system of family friends to care for the kids so they don't need to worry as much - every situation is different but deciding to be a working or stay at home parent can be difficult. 

Mini Makes #1 - Rainbow Heart Cookies

The Mini Mes and I often whisk up a storm in the kitchen, have great fun with crafts or make a mountain of mess being creative in other ways. 'Mini Makes' is a new weekly series where we will be sharing some of the activities we have been doing to give you ideas for rainy days or to inspire you to get making and baking too.

If you are a blogger feel free to link up your own posts too at the bottom - I will pop by each week to comment on them and hopefully you can visit a few others to spread some love. After all, parenting is far easier when mums and dads work together and praise each other!

Rainbow Heart Cookies

21 February 2015

3 Ways to Refresh your Home in 2015

Heralded by spring showers, the season of new life is upon us. As we dust away the cobwebs and cold shivers of winter, you may be left looking for ways to refresh your home for in 2015. 

From big to small, there are several options to give your home that little lift or a complete overhaul and they can be done within a budget that suits you. 

No-one wants to start the year by breaking the bank but you’ll be able to put some savings to good use rejuvenating your home even on a shoestring.

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