29 September 2014

Family Favourites - Food and Drink

Lots of goodies pass my lips each day, probably a little too many in fact, but with so many delicious products coming to my door it's no surprise that I like to indulge and sample a few. As do the Mr and Mini Mes.

Here are some recent arrivals that have been really popular with us as a family; you might want to add some into your shopping trolley...

I Mune Nurture Drinks
The strawberry and cherry flavour was well loved by the Mini Mes, especially with the unusual and handy spill proof lid which they liked to try. It pushes in to release the juice and then cuts the flow back off to stop leaks in bags - such a great idea for younger ones in particular! The drinks have

25 September 2014

A Hassle-Free Holiday With APH

There is nothing quite like packing a suitcase, getting a flight to somewhere hot with beautiful views and enjoying a well deserved break from the norm. The Mini Mes are in their element on a sandy beach and I am never as relaxed as I am when sat beside a pool, palm trees swaying in the warm breeze while sipping a cocktail (or two!) before sneaking off to scoff the all inclusive buffet. Getting to and from our destination always seems to be a bit of a mission though, something that would give Ethan Hunt a run for his money! With heavy bags and hand luggage, coats and important documents to hand the last thing you really want to do is drop your car off miles away, wait around for a bus and then struggle to get everything onboard (and off again) before arriving at the airport. 
It would be much easier to drive straight there and jump out wouldn't it.

24 September 2014

Preparing For A Special Day

Is it too early to mention the C word? Some of you may think it is but how nice would it be to have everything purchased and ready weeks in advance; it would be amazing! You could sit back and enjoy the festivities without worrying about forgotten gifts or getting a turkey last minute. I'm going to be super organised this year when it comes to buying perfect presents for family and friends and having all the food and drink we require ready for an unforgettable feast. 

I'm also hoping that shopping early will save me money, which it most certainly can do when you know where to look.

Win funky fashion with Boj

Boj is a brand new children’s animated TV series shown on CBeebies at 7.30am, 6 days a week. Perfect for those early risers! It is aimed at children aged 3-6 years old and it follows Boj, the cute main character who is a bilby; an endangered big-eared bandicoot from the Australian Outback. Boj has travelled to Giggly Park with his parent Pops (voiced by Jason Donovan) and Mimi, where they now live in their simple yet quirky underground home. It teaches the importance of manners and working together, something which all little ones can benefit from, as creative and messy Boj gets boj-ing to solve problems. It helps to encourage families to get crafty themselves and upcycle at home too which is great fun.

19 September 2014

Innocent Alphabet Champions - X is for...

I'm a big fan of innocent as a brand. Not only are their smoothies and veg pots really delicious and convenient when on the go, but they make sneaking in a couple of those well needed 5 a day a doddle, especially when it comes to the kids! They use plenty of fruit in their drinks so they are bursting with flavour and they even make tubes which are 100% puree and juice that are ideal for lunch boxes. I couldn't really ask for more, especially with them currently being half price in many supermarkets too. We certainly took advantage of the offer recently.

18 September 2014

Win a Jelly Jamm Bundle

Channel 5 Milkshake broadcast a lovely animated series named Jelly Jamm where your little ones can explore the planet of Jammbo and watch friendships develop with each fun episode. It's suitable for children aged 4-7 years of age but the characters are rather cute and comical so I don't object to watching this sometimes myself too! 

There is some rather energetic music to get the Mini Mes up and dancing throughout and it teaches important life sessions which is definitely a bonus. The kids can learn while being active, a win win situation.

17 September 2014


If you are like me and love surprise deliveries a subscription to Degustabox might be just the thing for you! For just £12.99 a month, including delivery, you will receive 9-14 items from well known brands or newcomers to the market, to enjoy. There is no commitment required as you can quit at any time and it's a great way to discover food and drink products that you might not normally pick up with your weekly shop.

We certainly did with our August box...

10 September 2014

Chocolate Brioche Bread and Butter Pudding

Our first Degustabox arrived a few days ago and buried within bubble wrap and pretty tissue paper were many delectable products including some croissants and brioche from Pasquier, a brand we often purchase ourselves. I decided to use the latter in a recipe, something I hadn't made in a while, and with its squishy centre and sweet crisp top, this bread and butter pudding was a simple success.

5 Pasquier brioche
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