28 July 2014

Sag Aloo - A Commonwealth Dish

Indian is currently my favourite cuisine. I love the rich flavours, plenty of spices and the fact that a lot of the dishes are created for sharing with loved ones. It's food that really brings people together. 

With the Commonwealth Games running from 23rd July until 3rd August, and bringing together 71 countries, India included, I though it was about time that I attempted to make some of my own side dishes to accompany our slow cooked curry. We can watch our favourite events (gymnastics and track) hosted by Glasgow as a family, while eating some delicious food.

Sag Aloo (Spinach Potatoes)

Discovering the Best Super Foods for Your Pet and You

Many people have favourite pet food brands and they will argue that their choice is the best. The discussion about which pet foods are healthiest can be as detailed as what the best fence for dogs is and whether the pet stop invisible fence is at the top of the list. It sounds silly to non-pet people, but those of us who believe our pets are family members are passionate about finding the safest, healthiest products for them.

While the proper containment for your pet is definitely important, even more so is what you feed them. Even buying pet food that is labelled organic or natural may not be the best choice, as government regulations are not that strict about what can be in pet foods that are labelled organic. The only way to be sure your pet is getting the safe, healthy food they deserve is to make it yourself. With the following list of super foods, it will be a snap for you!

26 July 2014

Caption THIS #2

We all manage to capture a few odd expressions or mishaps on camera so why not share them so we can all have a giggle? That's what I will be doing each Saturday and for those that join in by commenting there will be a chance to win some treats each week!

Spartan wasn't keen on the drilling coming from next door so he mounted the sofa and started barking at the wall...

23 July 2014

When Pets Become Family

I was never really keen on dogs, or pets in general, until we got Spartan. I was always worried the house would smell, that there would be piles of fur like tumbleweed and little puddles of drool awaiting my fresh bare feet, but that's far from the case. Most of the time. 

The Mr was raised with dogs. Not literally like Jacob in Twilight but with plenty of the four legged friends running around in his home, so to him it was natural to have his own when he moved in with me. I had my worries but love really does make you do crazy things and we ended up purchasing our ball of fluff on New Years Day 2012. It was hard work to begin and there were puddles of a different kind to mop up but our new companion made the Mr, the Mini Mes and even me happy so it was definitely worth it. 
It also stopped me being broody for a while which was a bonus!

The Funny Things Kids Say And Do - School's Out For Summer

I'm always proud of the Mini Mes and their achievements, as I'm sure most parents are with their own children, but when I get their reports and read how well they are doing at school it always makes me grin ear to ear with pride. I said to them both how pleased I was after reading the latest edition and they requested a visit to the ice cream parlour as an end of year treat... which I happily agreed to (yum)!

Jamster always goes to school very cheerfully and he has lots of friends. I know he likes to giggle and talks a lot too the cheeky chappy. His teacher points out that he loves art because of the mess - spot on, he loves playing in mud and getting grubby at home in the garden.

21 July 2014

Mini Moment - Wild and Free

The evenings have been so warm over the past few days that it would be a waste not to go out and enjoy them. It may have meant the Mini Mes have had a few later bedtimes but the family fun and memories made have certainly been worth it. As the sun has set we have walked through overgrown fields playing 'I went to the shop and bought', ran around playing tag with each other until we were out of breath (me quicker than the rest) and we have walked the dog for miles.

Feeling the breeze in our hair is quite liberating and it doesn't cost a penny.

ElevEase - Hassle Free Leg and Foot Care

Having a shower is so much quicker and more convenient when life is busy enough, but it can be a little awkward when it comes to taking care of your feet and legs. Balancing while standing under running water to shave, exfoliate or just clean can be quite difficult at times, and not particularly safe, but ElevEase will help to eliminate your issues.

ElevEase is a foot rest designed to fit in the corner of your shower enabling you to rest a foot on it at a time while you get on with sorting whichever body parts need attention. It even has a holder for your razor so there is always one to hand - something that I quite often forget to take in with me!

It takes just a few minutes to install with the adhesive provided but requires 24 hours to dry

Minecraft Mad - Animal Mobs and Steve with Diamond Armour

Minecraft certainly isn't something that appeals to me but the Mini Mes are obsessed with it. It's rare to have a day pass without Cave Spiders, Creepers and Endermen mentioned or without a request for time on the Xbox. They can be creative through game play and I've never seen them team up together so eagerly as brother and sister, with no bickering whatsoever, which is definitely a positive thing. They were delighted when some figures arrived in the post for them recently as they can now play the game off screen too - I don't need to worry about those square eyes quite so much either!

Articulates Animal Mobs 6 Pack

This set includes 6 animals featured in Minecraft; a cow, sheep, pig, wolf, ocelot and a chicken. Each figure has a pixelated look so they appear near identical to how they are on the game and each has

19 July 2014

Caption THIS #1

We all manage to capture a few odd expressions or mishaps on camera so why not share them so we can all have a giggle? That's what I will be doing each Saturday and for those that join in by commenting there will be a chance to win some treats each week!

The Mr was a little too excited to get the new appliances fitted into the new kitchen...

16 July 2014

You Know It's The End Of The School Year When...

... The kids bombard you with artwork! All of the wall displays are taken down from the classes and the pictures are sent home. Most arrive ripped, covered in twisted staples or slightly crumpled after being rammed into their bags, but it's always lovely to see how creative they have been.

Minxy has so far this week returned home with quite a collection!

A cat carrying flowers...

My View Right Now

The Mini Mes have coped unbelievably well with the recent upheaval for our home renovation. Children seem to adapt to changes, new situations and new people with ease don't they? They just go with the flow. They can sense that it's better to accept what's happening and they just get on with it. They don't feel the need to moan or worry (as us adults often do) as they know everything will be sorted and back to normal in no time.  

They are carefree and that's the best way to be!

Sausage, pancetta and spinach pasta

They have been eating dinner from trays each day, getting up a lot earlier and getting ready for the day before the workmen arrive. They have been incredibly organised and positive despite the dust
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