26 November 2015

Christmas Gift Giveaway #26 - WIN a Wooden Kitchen

Whether your budding chefs are hoping to rustle up a family feast or prepare a picnic for their bears, this beautiful wooden kitchen from George is great for imaginative play!

This deluxe kitchen has an oven, cupboard, drawer, sink with tap, 4 hobs, microwave and a window complete with gingham curtain. There is a clock with movable hands, 4 utensils and 3 dials on the cooker which click when turned. The top can also be used as a shelf to store little pots and pans which is handy. Little ones will adore this set and I would definitely recommend it, especially at just £40!

It's suitable for children aged 3+ and it is painted (child safe) in red and blue with cherry detailing for a vintage style finish. It also means that it's unisex and both boys and girls will be happy to get cooking with this. It coordinates with the rest of the products in the range so if you want to purchase further accessories they will all match nicely.

There are lovely tea and cooking sets available for lots of role play.

Made from a combination of wood and MDF it is a really strong toy and it's certainly going to last if passed down to siblings over the years. There is something about wooden products that I really like, they just seem to be far better quality than plastic alternatives and this kitchen is proof of that. 
It's quite heavy in weight as well which makes it stable.

Assembly only took the Mr 20 minutes and he found the instructions easy to follow - there is a video tutorial on how to put it together on the website though which is really useful too! Once constructed it measures 89 x 60 x 30cm in size so although it's perfectly proportional for pre-schoolers, it should be relatively easy to find a corner to place it out of the way when required also. 

25 November 2015

Christmas Gift Giveaway #25 - WIN a Moochies (Phone Watch)

Moochies are phones for kids. Worn exactly like a watch and coming in four colours (black, orange, pink and blue), a Moochie is a durable phone and watch combination, allowing two-way communication between parents and children. 

Working in tangent with the free Moochies app on the parents phone, it enables parents to be in touch with their children at all times of the day, wherever they are - be it at school, on public transport or with their friends at the local park. 

Working with a sim card, just like a mobile phone, Moochies allows a child to ring two phone numbers (mum and dad, for example), while also allowing up to twenty people to ring them. Moochies also ensures no strangers can ring a child, with only contacts pre-approved by the parent having permission to ring their child’s device.

If a child gets into trouble, Moochies also has a SOS button - once pressed, it alerts the app holder that the child is in trouble and sends a 15 second recording of all the sounds around the child straight to the parent’s phone for them to listen to. Moochies is also GPS trackable, which means the app holder can see where their child is at any time, giving enormous peace of mind. 

24 November 2015

Creamy Pesto Chicken

Chicken is so versatile and something we enjoy as a family whether roasted on a Sunday, stuffed or served in a delicious dish with rice or pasta. I'm always trying to find new ways to cook it and as pesto is a craving of mine at the moment I decided to add that into a recipe and try something new.

I was so eager to tuck in I only snapped a quick pic with my mobile...

(Serves 4)
4 chicken breasts
150g cherry tomatoes
2tbsp pesto
4 tbsp creme fraiche

Christmas Gift Giveaway #24 - WIN a Festive Doormat

Tis the season to be jolly and whether your home has a tree and decorations up already or not, this doormat has a lovely festive feel and is ideal for muddy, wintry wellies!

British company Turtle Mat, have a lovely range of products and this one in particular is new for autumn 2015. It absorbs 95% of moisture and is machine washable so it can be cleaned with ease to come out year after year. It would go beautifully teamed with a red or blue wreath on your front door too.

Featuring 12 robins it welcomes you and your family home each day and it really helps to get you in the spirit of Christmas. As well as being attractive in appearance it is functional and perfect for popping your footwear on to keep your carpets cleaner, for longer. Nobody wants to drag the leaves and snow into the house from outdoors after all.

23 November 2015

Chocolate and Pear Pudding

Served straight from the oven with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, this chocolate and pear pudding is a delicious winter dessert and fast becoming a family favourite. It's relatively easy to make and equally as tasty reheated the following day ... that's if there is any left over!

4 pears sliced (you can used tinned instead if you wish)
175g butter, melted
300g caster sugar
3 eggs
75g plain flour
45g cocoa
100g dark chocolate

Christmas Gift Giveaway #23 - WIN 1 of 3 Christmas Surprises

Looking for some festive fun? Orchard Toys have just the game!

Aimed at children aged 3-6 years of age, Christmas Surprises helps to develop colour, number and shape recognition while also building social skills.

Little ones can choose to play the colour matching game with baubles and a Christmas tree, or a shape matching game with sacks and presents. At the end watch their faces light up when they get to turn their cards over to reveal what gifts Father Christmas has!

22 November 2015

Christmas Gift Giveaway #22 - WIN 1 of 10 Haircare Duos

Tea Tree has long been recognised as a powerful healing ingredient and healthcare essential around the world. Boasting a range of natural benefits which can act as your secret skin irritation saviour for hair and scalps, bites and stings – Teangi does all sorts of useful things to ensure the whole family is covered from head to toe.

The Teangi Range
  • Teangi Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Cream to treat and soothe irritated skin
  • Teangi Tea Tree Oil 100% pure pharmaceutical grade Tea Tree oil
  • Teangi Tea Tree Shampoo a medicated and PH balanced formula, with natural anti-tangling ingredients to make combing easier. Helps keep the scalp clean and healthy and free from dandruff
  • Teangi Tea Tree Conditioner a nourishing leave-in treatment to keep hair perfectly hydrated moisturised and shiny

Available from www.teangi.co.uk, as well as selected supermarkets and Chemists nationwide.

21 November 2015

Christmas Gift Giveaway #21 - WIN a Beauty Goodies from Boots

With the arrival of autumn comes gorgeous golden shades and deep reds so it's a great time to update your wardrobe along with your makeup bag!

This lovely set has been provided by the No 7 team at the Fort Shopping Park and it will certainly help to make you shine this season. The set is worth over £60 and includes:

  • Instant Illusions Rapid Radiance Balm
  • Airbrush Away primer 
  • Dramatic Lift Mascara (black) 
  • Gel-Look Shine Nail Colour
  • Pop and Glow Cream Blush Stick

20 November 2015

Christmas Gift Giveaway #20 - WIN a Collection of Nature Themed Goodies

Our little ones often love to explore gardens and woodland but with these four products you can bring the great outdoors inside thanks to the Natural History Museum Shop!

This pretty Butterfly Mobile Making craft set (£8) is the perfect activity for rainy days and it will bring plenty of colour into your home. It features 20 different butterfly designs along with an identification card so your child can learn while having fun being creative!

The Butterfly Protector Lottie Doll (£20) is a great item, one that we have received ourselves previously, and teamed with Fossil Hunter Lottie (£20) there will be plenty of adventures and role play fun!

Each is an age appropriate shape and comes with lots of little accessories to enjoy.

These Butterfly Lace Wings give your trainers or boots a boost with their vibrant patterns. They are a great stocking filler at just £2.50 a pair!

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