27 January 2015

Three Fantastic Activities For Animal-Loving Kids

Whilst young children naturally have widely differing interests depending upon their individual tastes, a love for all things animal-related is usually one uniting factor. It is a love that many never lose, with even myself still going slightly crazy over new-born kittens and big lumbering dogs!

A healthy love and interest in animals can lead to many things and here are three fantastic activities for animal-loving kids:

Cheltenham Festival, Gloucestershire

 by Carine06

26 January 2015

Valentine's Day Menu: Easy Peasy Carbonara

Although France is generally seen as the country of love, I adore Italian food. Some of my fondest memories with the Mr took place at our favourite restaurants; Papa Cino's, Prezzo and Pizza Express.

This quick and easy carbonara is a great idea for a Valentine's Day meal and although it won't guarantee romance this February, or a Lady and the Tramp meatball sharing moment, it is definitely a delicious pasta dish to dive into.

(Serves 2. Approx 520 calories per portion)

Minimise Me - Weight Loss Weekly #3

I was left feeling a little disappointed after last Monday's weigh in, where my weight reduced a tiny bit but not enough to register as a pound, so I decided to try a lot harder. 

Lesson learnt; Popping to the pub needs to be avoided at all costs!!

I've been eating so much healthier and my Coca-Cola cravings seem to have stopped. I can't hear the fridge calling me to raid it like Pac-Man anymore which really helps too. Some days I've even gone to bed a few hundred calories under my daily allowance which for me, is incredible and I'm so pleased with my progress. 

Again this week I've been drinking more water, eating more fruit and veg and trying to get more sleep. My goal for the week ahead is to get three hour long sessions of exercise in, which is easily doable. I'm scheduling these in for Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and I will take some pics of my Polar monitor to share the calories burnt and time completed.

Week 3 =

25 January 2015

5 Ways to Add Value on to Your Home

The housing market is a volatile place where it is difficult to predict trends and a local school can be more important that the number of bedrooms in the property. If you are thinking of selling your house you will want to ensure you get at least the amount you paid for it in the first place. However, depending on the market this can be a tall order. However, there aremeasures you can take which are sure to add value to your home. Not all of the following suggestions are cheap fixes but they are a guarantee of justifiably pushing up the price of your property without detracting potential buyers.

Silent Sunday

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Serve Up Some Love This Valentine's Day (and your chance to WIN)

Forma House seek out the best quality products from around the world so you can take a peek at a portfolio of close to 5,000 items and make your homeware purchases all in one place. 

They have everything from kitchen gadgets to gift solutions for your friends and family, many of which are not only useful but stunning or even a little quirky in appearance. I love things that are unique or a little bit different to the norm so this website is ideal for us.

This heart shaped bowl and ladle duo is created by Sagaform, one of the 14 international leading brands that Forma House select their goods from. It is made from wood and stoneware and will make serving your loved one something tasty even more special this Valentine's Day.

24 January 2015

Night without the kids? Then it’s glamour time!

They run around at your feet like excitable hounds, jump around while you do the dishes, and wake you up in the middle of the night to get rid of monsters under the bed. You love your kids – but when will you have time for yourself?
Sometimes you simply have to drop the kids off at their gran’s, get dolled up and hit the town. But that eye for fashion that used to be so sharp has grown a bit rusty since you’ve started raising kids.
Fear not! We’ve put together a few top fashion tips to inject a dose of modern glam back in your life. Have a gander and you’ll be looking more stylish than a Cara Delevigne and Kate Moss double act.

Maximise your makeup
You’ve probably got a few friends who are complete fashion disasters; the type of people who own more mascara than sense.

Say I Love You With Guylian (and your chance to WIN)

Individually wrapped in luxurious golden foil within an eye catching red box, these romantic heart shaped chocolates, filled with roasted hazelnut praline are the perfect way to say ‘I Love You’ this Valentine’s Day. The 50g box (RSP £1.49) which contains four praline filled hearts is the ideal love token, whilst the 125g heart shaped box (pictured. RSP £3.99) makes a more substantial Valentine’s Day present.

You can find out more about Guylian or purchase your treats here:

23 January 2015

The Ultimate Night In Bundle (and your chance to WIN!)

Everybody needs a little time with their best friends, especially parents; toddler tantrums and sleepless nights can certainly take its toll! So this ultimate night in prize pack should provide everything you need for some TLC and an evening away from the nappies.

This fantastic prize consists of:

  • 4x face masks
  • 1x 7” gourmet chocolate pizza
  • Copies of Blended and The Other Woman on DVD
  • A bingo board game
  • And a £15 voucher for a Supermarket of your choice (well, a bottle of wine or a few beers wouldn’t go amiss I'm sure!)

22 January 2015

My Bathroom Makeover

The fact that I've wanted a new bathroom for what feels like forever is certainly no secret. I even wrote a poem about how desperate I was to get rid of the horrendous wallpaper and tatty old suite last year! It was so uninviting and I really wanted somewhere I could escape and relax in comfort and style. Thankfully, 2014 was the year and not only did I get a new bathroom, I had the house fully insulated, rewired, and a new kitchen installed. I was a little bit spoilt when it came to renovating our home.

I opted for a minimalistic look with white paint on the freshly plastered walls and ceiling, a white suite and white tiles. It makes the room look bright and fresh but enables me to add my own accessories to personalise it. Being a blank canvas it means if I fancy a change I can just alter the

21 January 2015

The Baby Show Is Back (and your chance to WIN)

The Baby Show (www.thebabyshow.co.uk) with MadeForMums is the UK’s leading pregnancy and parenting event, and will be returning to ExCeL London from 20th to 22nd February 2015.

The show is a must-attend event for new and expectant parents providing everything needed for bump, baby and you including all the essentials, alongside the latest, innovative products and not-on-the high street brands. This year it will incorporate The Work & Family Show, which is dedicated to providing expert advice, solutions and ideas for managing work and family life, and helping to kick start careers after having a family.

The Baby Show highlights include:

  • Over 200 trusted brands offering visitors the chance to thoroughly test and try before buying.
  • Exclusive show offers and competitions from top parenting brands. 
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