24 July 2016

Raspberry Crumble Slices {Creative Summer 2}

If you haven't been out to fill your baskets with berries yet this summer, now is the perfect time to do so - you can make your own jam! Although you can of course use shop bought if you prefer so that you can dive straight in to make this delicious recipe. Our preference of filling has to be raspberry for a beautiful burst of deep red but feel free to use whatever you have to hand or prefer. Blueberries and strawberries are great alternatives and they too create a sweet and sticky centre to contrast nicely with the the crisp yet flaky exterior of these slices.

We like to pop a batch into some plastic pots to take on day trips or when visiting friends as a tasty afternoon treat. The Mini Mes enjoy making these themselves, they are great for tweens to bake, and they get great satisfaction from layering the ingredients nicely before popping them into the oven to turn golden.

Silent Sunday

23 July 2016

Gummy Sweets Ice Lollies {Creative Summer #1}

It's the start of the summer holidays and I'm already dreaming of afternoons spent relaxing in the back garden on a comfy lounger, browsing magazines and sipping something with a paper umbrella while the Mini Mes make the most of the paddling pool.

These ice lollies are incredibly simple to put together and are a great way to remain cool in the heat. The little sweeties within are a tasty treat while adding texture and the lemonade is so refreshing - they're seriously low calorie too!

Let the kids get creative in the kitchen.

22 July 2016

Naturelly Children's Snacks

Made from delicious fruit juice and gelatine free jelly, Naturelly prevents little ones craving sugary treats while filling up their tummies between meals. With no sweeteners, added sugar or artificial colours it's a far healthier alternative to most snacks they might want to get their hands on over the summer holiday and as they come in no-spill pouches there shouldn't be any mess - bonus!

Naturelly has been shortlisted for a Loved By Parents Awards and to celebrate we have some cases and vouchers to give away! You can vote for them here.

21 July 2016

Holidaying at La Croix du Vieux Pont with Eurocamp

Our family travels so far this year have taken us to Wales for an adventurous weekend away, to Devon for lots of exciting day trips and most recently we spent several days in Berny-Rivière, in the Aisne region of Northern France, at a wonderful Eurocamp site. We really do love to explore, both home and away, and although the weather was unfortunately not on our side at all this time, with torrential rain for the majority of our stay, we still had a nice escape from the norm as there was so much to do on camp. 

Our journey began early on Saturday when we drove down to catch a mid morning ferry from Dover to Calais. What I really like with Eurocamp is that certain crossings are included within the break price so it's one less thing to worry about and it was all organised on our behalf. You can however fly or book the Eurotunnel, whichever you prefer.

20 July 2016

A Big Wild Sleepout with RSPB

It's always lovely to spend time outdoors as a family connecting with nature, enjoying some fresh air and learning about creatures great and small. We've been camping many times over the years which we really enjoy but when we heard about the Big Wild Sleepout (29th-31st July) we were keen to be involved.

For the 4th year running the RSPB are trying to encourage more children to sleep outside, even if it's just in a den or pop up tent in their back yard, and for many little ones it may be their first experience of nocturnal wildlife - it's exciting yet educational too. Listening for owls, watching moths and bats while having fun with torches is a great experience for all and with this warmer weather it is perfect timing to sign up!

We decided to give sleeping in the garden a go, ahead of the Big Wild Sleepout, to see how we got on as this was not something that we had ever tried before despite staying on designated campsites numerous times! The Mini Mes were really eager to get started and it wasn't long until we had a small tent erected, some snacks to nibble on (of course) and some some other fun activities prepared to make the most of our night.

19 July 2016

Beat the Bugs with Zap It!

Mozzies and little biting insects... they’re universally unpopular and guaranteed to put a dampener on things when you’re outside, with their dive-bombing and blood-sucking antics. So whether you’re back-packing through South America, honeymooning in Asia, out for a run or just barbecuing in your back garden with the kids - make sure you’re armed with Zap-It!

18 July 2016

Calypso Holiday Hacks #1

Wouldn't it be wonderful if there was a list of tried and tested tips and techniques suggested by parents for parents to keep the kids entertained all summer holiday? Thankfully, this year Calypso have created such a thing with their Holiday Hacks app so you can enjoy healthy fun (hopefully in the sun) with the whole family until the return of the school routine! 

We shall be giving 5 different ideas a go throughout July and August to keep the Mini Mes occupied and hopefully this will inspire you to get involved too. What's even better is that the majority of the activities are free!

Calypso Holiday Hacks

The app suggests activities based on the weather and your child's age so you can take a peek out of the window and select something that is suitable on a specific day. The weather here in Northamptonshire has been a bit of a roller coaster recently but as we have had a few nice sunny spells we decided to give this tip a go first: