29 September 2016

15 Spooktacular Halloween Cupcake Ideas

Halloween is fast approaching and preparing a frightening feast for your family will ensure the night is truly spooktacular! These cupcakes will look amazing on your table this October, or given away as treats to anyone that comes knocking, so why not give one of the 15 recipes a go!

27 September 2016

Puddles Win Prizes

Budding photographer in the family? This might be the competition for you. With the arrival of autumn and the colder weather on the horizon there will be many opportunities for some puddle jumping fun - just make sure you take your camera to capture the outdoor action when you go!

WELLY foods invites you to grab your boots, head outside and snap pictures of your favourite puddles for the WELLY foods Puddle of the Year photography competition.

Organic Goodies

September is National Organic Month and to celebrate we have teamed up with several brands to offer readers some lovely prizes - take a peek at our Riverford and Discount Supplements giveaways that are already up and running.

As the month draws to a close however, this is the third and final giveaway for you to enter with products from Eco Tools, Beond, Alara and Choc Chick to enjoy.

Organic Goodies

  • Beond bars are made of completely natural, raw, vegan and organic ingredients while being free from nasty preservatives, soya, dairy and gluten. Ideal for anyone with food intolerances. At only 129kcal they make a delicious snack for the health conscious and they come in several flavours including Acai Berry, Apple & Cinnamon, Blueberry Cacao, Pineapple & Baobab and Sour Cherry to try.

21 September 2016

Finding Dory at Sea Life Birmingham

Apart from the odd trip to the NEC or Cadbury World, I've never really spent any time in Birmingham so it made a nice change to have a day there as the summer holiday came to an end. 

We had been invited along to Sea Life for the official Finding Dory event as part of our visit and as we have enjoyed time at other centres, including turtle feeding in Great Yarmouth, the adventure park at Weymouth and the one inside Alton Towers, we were eager to be involved and celebrate the latest Disney Pixar release. We're also very fond of fish in general, having a 240l aquarium of our own at home, so after parking and walking for just a few minutes along the river to collect our tickets we were soon exploring the different zones.

Fright Nights at Thorpe Park Resort

Thorpe Park Resort’s, Fright Nights, returns in all its gore-y for the nation’s premiere Halloween event’s 15th Birthday celebrations on selected dates from 7th October – 31st October with an all-new scare maze, Platform 15.

Platform 15 is set in the Park’s woodlands; it is the largest scare maze to date covering 450 metres. Guests will depart on a one way ticket along an overgrown railway line which is the last known route of the Sleeper Express, a locomotive that disappeared into thin air with all passengers still on board.

20 September 2016

Currently Coveting - My Autumn Wish List

Autumn Wish List 2

Autumn is my favourite season by far. I love wearing over sized jumpers, snuggling up by the fire with a fluffy blanket and watching the gorgeous golden colours from the window. Not only that, the colder weather sees the return of slow cooked casseroles and stews with homemade crusty bread - some of my favourite comfort foods. 

It's about time I prepare for the new season so I've had a look online and pulled out a few items I can't wait to purchase. I'm currently coveting grey, browns and reds in terms of clothing and makeup, to compliment the autumn colours, and sweet fragrances to match the scents of rich desserts and pastries that I will soon have baking away in the oven!

19 September 2016

7 Things I've Learnt As A Parent

Since the very first moment I held my newborns in my arms it has been an incredible learning journey. You may think as a parent you're the one teaching your child as you raise them but you certainly do develop and change as a person too. You grow as your little one does.

Here are seven things I've learnt as a parent...

Your best is good enough
Parents really give themselves a hard time but you should know that you're doing a wonderful job and you are a good parent. If you're worrying about how well you're doing that alone is a sign that you care enough to be concerned and you're therefore a pretty good mum or dad.  It's okay for your child to have chicken nuggets and chips from time to time and you shouldn't feel guilty, it's okay to raise your voice or get grumpy when you're sleep deprived and it's okay to leave the dishes on the side for a day. People may judge you at times for your choices on breast/bottle feeding or disposable/cloth nappy usage but if your kids are happy and healthy that's all that matters.

16 September 2016

Organic Goods Delivered To Your Door

Having fresh fruit and veg delivered to your door each week is a great way to ensure the whole family get their 5 a day, and when it's organic and straight from the farm you know it's the best quality for everyone.

The large original box from Riverford Organic Farmers includes 11 varieties, plenty for a family of 3 or 4, that are always ripe and ready to devour so the contents change as the season does.

Our recent delivery included potatoes, carrots, green onions, true spinach, savoy cabbage, mixed salad leaves, tomatoes, sweetcorn, apples, bananas and cape gooseberries. A really good selection to cook with our meals, to nibble as healthy snacks and to pop into our bakes (banana bread!). The Mini Mes enjoyed having a rummage through the items and after a quick wash were happy to tuck into the apples.