24 June 2016

5 Home Cleaning Tips for Dog Owners

Pets soon become a part of the family and if they aren't rolling around on the floor for tummy tickles and learning tricks they can often be found snoring away comfortably on the furniture! Despite our love for four legged friends they can be a little messy at times and trying to get rid of dog smell along with fur and muddy paw prints can be a struggle. 

As a pet owner myself I've tried and tested a few methods over the years so hopefully my tips will help to keep your home fresh and clean all year round.

  • When purchasing a bed for your pets opt for one with a removable cover if possible so you can take it off with ease to wash regularly. Using an anti-bacterial washing powder will also help to remove stains while killing germs in the process. Choose a brand like Ariel which provides a fresh scent without it being overpowering - pets have sensitive noses so detergents that are fragrance free are always best to prevent irritation. Also wash family bedding often, especially as pets like to sleep on duvets and blankets!

23 June 2016

Beautiful Timepieces from JORD

With so many gadgets to hand, classic accessories can often be forgotten, but when they are as stunning and unique as the watches available from JORD they should really take pride of place on your wrist.

I recently had the opportunity to select a timepiece from their website and the Maple and Lavender model from their Cora series really jumped out at me. The combination of light wood with a deep purple dial and Swarvoski crystal markers is truly striking. It's very feminine in style and as I wear a lot of dark colours this certainly makes a statement and brings a splash of colour to my wardrobe - 
I love it.

The packaging is equally as attractive as the watch itself making it an ideal gift solution. Within a wooden box with slide opening lid there is a pillow, shredded paper, additional links, warranty card and user guide along with a cleaning cloth. The sizing is custom, for an additional fee, and there is a tape measure online to print and measure your wrist in the comfort of your own home for the perfect fit. This is a service I really appreciate as it means the watch was ready to wear from the moment of arrival - I didn't have to take it to a jewellers to alter.

22 June 2016

Num Noms Series 2 Toy Range

A brand new collection of toys hit shelves this month from Num Noms and we were sent a variety of the scented collectible characters and playsets for a sneak peek! 

Here you can watch Minxy in her first ever unboxing video of the series 2 products where she makes beauty goodies with the Lip Gloss Truck along with discovering what exactly is inside the Deluxe and Mystery Packs...

15 June 2016

Choosing the Right Dog for Your Family

We have had our beautiful Border Collie, Spartan, for 4 years and he has become a big part of our family since his arrival as a puppy. Initially, I did have my doubts about getting a dog while the Mini Mes were quite small but after some persuasion, and a little research, I wouldn't be without my affectionate fur baby now.

He is great company while I work from home, he is always so excited to greet the children when they return from school to play and he gets us all outdoors come rain or shine for exercise. He is like the missing piece to a puzzle and he has slotted in well right from the beginning.

Our Border Collie Spartan

Choosing the right breed

When we decided to get a dog I wanted to ensure we chose the right breed for us but it was equally as important for us to be right for him too. Border Collies are known for being friendly, easy to train, obedient and rarely aggressive, which was ideal being raised around children, but they are also very active so we needed to ensure we could dedicate plenty of time outdoors each day. Thankfully this wasn't an issue as we have many fields and woodland on our door step. Having gardens of our own helps too as he can go for a stretch on his own accord throughout the day between his morning and evening walks.

13 June 2016

Mainline Menswear for Fashionable Fathers

Father's Day is just a few days away and if you're looking for a stylish gift for your dad, or the daddy to your little ones, Mainline Menswear may have the perfect present. 

They have a wide range of designer shirts, jackets and jeans along with stunning accessories, including watches and belts, plus footwear. 

If you're thinking ahead to your summer holidays then you might want to take a peek at their flip flops, sunglasses, bags and swim shorts which will be really functional this season too.

08 June 2016

The Funny Things Kids Say and Do - Tween Attitude

Children are often pushing boundaries and seeing just how far they can go before parents pop from pure frustration, and this is the same with the Mini Mes. Generally there is very little conflict in our household, which is just how it should be, but with Minxy turning into a teen (how is she nearly 13 already?!) hormones can certainly hit hard at times and cause a few minor issues. 

Life isn't perfect and my stress levels do sometimes increase...

When out recently purchasing new school shoes, the Mini Mes had asked if we could have dinner at a nearby restaurant. I must admit that a night away from the oven and dishwasher was rather tempting, along with the salad bar, so we agreed but made sure that they both knew we would be having the pulled pork I had planned for that evening the following lunch instead.