10 September 2014

Chocolate Brioche Bread and Butter Pudding

Our first Degustabox arrived a few days ago and buried within bubble wrap and pretty tissue paper were many delectable products including some croissants and brioche from Pasquier, a brand we often purchase ourselves. I decided to use the latter in a recipe, something I hadn't made in a while, and with its squishy centre and sweet crisp top, this bread and butter pudding was a simple success.

5 Pasquier brioche

09 September 2014

Ship Ahoy! - Magical Moments

The ferry trip across the English Channel from France to end our fantastic Eurocamp adventure was a little rocky, to say the least. It was quite a windy and wet day so I expected the sea to be less calm than our initial crossing to Calais but still, it was a little worse than I had hoped for.
Me and the sea usually results in sickness so I wasn't looking forward to it, although I had prepared for the worst with a few nappy sacks in my pocket just in case much to everyone's amusement!

When travelling abroad we generally fly so this was a new experience for us as a family. I had travelled by boat once or twice with my parents as a child but never as a parent myself (bar a few

Keep bugs at bay, the Vosene way

With the children back at school and others starting for the first time, it's quite likely that at some point soon your little ones will return home with unwanted visitors. Head lice. 

Unfortunately as many as 63% of parents, with children aged 4-11 years of age, have said in a survey that their children have had head lice. Prevention is certainly better, and easier than cure, and Vosene's repellent products are here to help!

Lice go for clean or dirty hair, long or short, so if heads touch (they can't fly/jump) it is possible they will be transferred but you can certainly do your bit to try and prevent them. Vosene Kids shampoo and conditioning spray help to defend against head lice and leave hair clean and fresh with each use.

08 September 2014

Chocolate Orange Custard Tart

With the Great British Bake Off back on our screens I've been drooling over the delightful creations each Wednesday and I've once again been inspired to bake something of my own.
With custard tarts featuring last week I thought I'd make one, but with such a sweet tooth I felt I needed to throw some chocolate in too!

With a crisp pastry and smooth, rich centre this is truly indulgent.
It goes perfectly served with fresh berries and or whipped cream.

The Koala Brothers Turn 10!

If you don't already know, ‘The Koala Brothers’ is an animation series for pre-schoolers which is broadcast by CBeebies within the UK. Your little ones can follow the adventures of Frank and Buster, two cute and friendly koalas living in the Australian outback, whose mission in life is to help others. From their isolated homestead, they fly out on daily patrol in their yellow aeroplane, looking for anyone in need of help. The series shows the true value of friendship and caring for others and has sold to 150 territories worldwide, been translated into 31 languages and it has even been nominated for four children’s BAFTA awards.

5 Dangers You Might Be Exposing Your Family To And Not Know It

Everyone wants to look after their families. There are many dangers though, that you might not even be aware of, and these may cause damage to your family’s long-term health. Here are five of these dangers to look out for:

1. Noise can damage your ears
Most people should be aware that exposure to loud noise at an early age can damage your ears. This is not an old wife’s tale. If your children enjoy loud music, or you constantly wander around the house with your iPod playing in your ears at full blast you could be setting a dangerous example to your family. Hearing deteriorates over time, and you may find that your family members will have to attend a Hidden Hearing clinic for a hearing aid at some stage in their future. It’s far better to explain how the ear can be damaged by excessive noise and let your kids appreciate the importance of their ears.

05 September 2014

Personalised Chocolates From Thornton's

Receiving tasty treats from loved ones is always a pleasant surprise but when gifts are personalised too it adds an extra special touch. When food has your name on, quite literally, it also helps to prevent others from taking a sneaky nibble when they shouldn't, or it at least will make them feel a little guilty if they do!

Thornton's have a wide range of goodies and we were lucky enough to get the opportunity to try some; the 33 truffles above (£16) were our favourite and they are just one of the delicious products that we received. 
Take a peek at some of the others...

An easy guide to car insurance – what policy is best for you?

Car insurance is a complex and costly matter. 

Price comparison sites provide an interesting way of analysing car insurance, but also throw up its oddities. It seems strange, for example, that if one has suffered an accident in the past three years, the value often means little – a driver responsible for an accident which caused £200 of damage might still pay the same premium when it comes to renewal as an accident which caused £20,000. Meanwhile, the age of the car, or a slight location difference, might make a massive difference.

Despite this, drivers know that there are certain ways they can almost certainly cut costs; driving a cheaper car safely, paying in full rather than monthly, keeping the car in a safe location at night, and buying a car with good security measures from somewhere such as Kia Washington in Sunderland. They also know that some things will push up the price, such as driving an expensive or unusual car or amassing convictions. Until 2012 females paid less than males, but the European Court of Justice banned ‘gender pricing’ in 2012.

04 September 2014

Back To School With Smiggle - WIN A £50 Bundle

The fresh uniforms are ironed and labelled, the fridge is stocked with lunch box goodies and the new bags are hung up above the shiny shoes. Although selecting all of these new items is fun, getting the stationery and pencil cases is our favourite part of going back to school and we like to seek out the most fun and quirky products available. It makes writing those stories and drawing those pictures a little more exciting doesn't is? 

Smiggle certainly helps with this!

03 September 2014

The best education apps to help your child develop

With technology advancing at a rapid rate you can now find a host of educational apps that will help your child learn and develop. From puzzles and games to clever teacher/parent communication tools there are plenty to choose from, but which applications are the best?

Here are five apps that you simply must download:

Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss 
Education should be fun, so why not download the Green Eggs and Ham app by Dr. Seuss and teach your child how to read in a lively, colourful and interesting way? A quirky, interactive e-book with plenty of animation, this app highlights words as the narrator reads, giving kids the chance to understand and learn new vocabulary. Youngsters can also record their own narration and click on objects to discover a word or sound.

02 September 2014

Have our views on waiting for marriage changed?

Years ago the norm was very much that a man would court a woman, ask her to marry him, they'd get married, they'd live together. That’s the way it went. 

Now, our views on marriage have certainly changed and so many of us are having casual relationships and living together way before marriage, or perhaps not even getting married at all. We’re meeting partners in different ways, through online dating websites, and going on multiple dates, with several different people, before we meet our perfect match.

There are still plenty of people out there who wait for marriage before consummating their relationship (3% of people in the USA) but with so many of us living free and independent lifestyles, it's no wonder that bleeds into our relationships too.

In the 1950s more people waited for marriage but not as many as you might think. 11% of people in the USA waited for marriage back then. That figure has dropped dramatically in recent years. Most of
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