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05 September 2012

Back to School - The Gallery

That time has come. The day where the Mini Mes have gone back to school, to begin year 2 and 4. An uncomfortable silence lingers with the memories of the summer holiday before I head back off to work this afternoon and normality returns.

Preparations for this day started a few weeks ago however. I had to purchase new uniforms, bags and stationery and their dad got their new shoes last week.

I always wash their new uniforms before they wear them so that they smell fresh and here are all (12) of their little polo tops hung out to dry!

I cant believe how fast the summer holiday went!
Or how fast they are growing...

Back to school today!

The Gallery theme this week is Back to School - you can link up your posts over at Sticky Fingers.

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  1. Great photo. Hope everyone has a good day x.

  2. That is such a cool photo!! Hope they have a great day x

  3. Love the photo of their poloshirts - I imagine the uniform washing is endless with 2 :) Cute pic, hope they enjoyed their 1st day x

  4. Love the washing picture! They both look very proud. Hope they've had a good first day back :)

  5. Love that photo and sums up the theme perfectly!

  6. Hope they enjoyed their first day back :)

  7. Great back to school photos - think I'll try washing new tops next time x


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