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17 October 2012

Kidditoona Toys

Kidditoona Toys is a family run toy, gift and accessory shop offering a lovely variety of educational and fun products for your little ones. They strive to provide great quality items from a fantastic range of brands and the friendly team have kindly sent us some goodies to review, much to the Mini Mes excitement! 

Shut The Box
This traditional game is great value and helps to build counting skills and interactive play. The idea of the game is to roll the two dice and using the total number rolled shut the 9 numbered flaps. It doesn't require any setting up and is very simple to play. It's ideal for children in particular but you can play as a family too. 

The Mini Mes were able to play this without any help from adults so it's perfect for when you want to keep the kids entertained but crack on with chores! It's fun yet competitive and as the game is made from wood it will last for years. The Mini Mes thought it was a great game and they enjoyed seeing who could shut the box first... and the Mr and I joined in too!

Both of the Mini Mes are very much into science so this was perfect for them. The kit contains 49 pieces including real optical lenses to create a telescope, binoculars and a magnifying glass. The plastic parts are chunky making them perfect for little hands and they slot together with ease- no screws or batteries required! 

Jamster was keen to get into this one first and he put together the binoculars in only a few minutes by himself. This is a great product to develop logical thinking skills and to stimulate the imagination. He was soon exploring the garden looking for wildlife and using the magnifying glass to hunt out bugs. The telescope has sturdy legs to hold it in place and it is great for looking out of windows into the trees and sky. The pieces stay in place securely and it seems a robust set, including the lenses.

Minxy loves creative toys and with this being her first Hama set she was keen to get started. 
The kit comes with around 6,000 beads, 3 animal peg boards, 28 peg stands, ironing paper, instructions and a coloured design sheet. The coloured design sheet makes creating your farm pieces easy as it shows exactly where each bead should be placed on the boards, although you can make your own designs too. Once you have placed the beads on to the board you pop an ironing sheet on top and iron the creation briefly to get the beads to stick together. You can tell when it's done as the colours show stronger through the paper. 

We found the creations stay together well and Minxy had great fun making her own farm scenes and using them together with her other toy figures. The peg stands slot onto the creations to keep them standing. The set is suitable for children aged 5+ due to the small pieces but it's ideal for school aged children and tweens. The kit helps to improve motor skills and concentration and kept Minxy entertained for some time. It could do with a container to store the beads in but we have lots of Tupperware pots so we used one of those to prevent them getting lost.

This kit is super for those that dislike glue and mess as none is required to have fun with this box set. The maize noodles are coloured with non-toxic food colouring and stick together when damp (a sponge is included). They are fun to roll and squish and there are sculpting tools and instructions supplied to make and model some wonderful 3D masterpieces. After play you can pop the remaining noodles back into the box and seal with some tape until your next creative session. 

The Mini Mes love crafts and they had lots of fun with this. They can get a little sticky when wet but putting a cloth or newspaper down helps. The noodles come in a nice selection of colours and they stick to card too. The instructions provide detail on how to make different shapes and creatures.

We were really pleased will all of the products that we received and feel that all of these are great educational toys, the Hama Beads being a favourite.

If you would like to purchase any of these or view more of what Kidditoona Toys has to offer you can head over to their website

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