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16 January 2013

New - The Gallery

Looking back at the photos I took during 2012 there were hundreds thousands of the Mini Mes, lots of the Mr and Spartan the poochie but very few that included me. I usually worry about not wearing make-up or looking fat, the camera adds 2 stone in my case, honest, so I tend to be the photographer instead. For this new year I will be making more effort to have pictures that feature me in them too.
There will be lots more pictures of us all together.

These are a couple I have taken so far during 2013.

Warm snuggles and winter walks

Do you take enough photos of yourself?

The theme this week is New.



  1. Aww lovely pictures! and nice resolution to make too :)


  2. I'm there with you and being behind the camera rather than in front! hope to see more of you this year!

  3. I'm the same, really don't like getting in front of the camera but it's something I definitely need to do more often.
    Lovely photos :) xx

  4. great idea and lovely pics! I've next to no photos of me with the kids, and any of me on my own usually get deleted pretty quickly! x

  5. I think we all agree with this sentiment!

    Love that pink hat of yours ;-)

  6. I am ALWAYS behind the camera! Every so often I manage to convince hubby to take a few of me and my wee man. At the beginning of the year we actually got one of us all together!

  7. Lovely resolution. One I made last year too. I think you look fab in your photos.

  8. What a fab resolution. I'm guilty too of being absent in most of our 'family' photos as I'm always behind the lens. Gorgeous pics of you and your Mini Mes.

  9. No the camera goes into automatic shut down when it sees me.

  10. Great pictures. I have been making more of an effort to get pictures of me with the children.

  11. You definitely DONT look fat - gorgeous photo!! :)

  12. Smashing photos - and I too am always the one behind the camera!


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